Pet insurance for rabbits can protect you against expensive bills if your pet gets ill, lost or injured.

Each rabbit is different, so make sure you get the right cover to avoid expensive bills if something goes wrong.

How to choose the right insurance for your rabbit

To find the best rabbit insurance, consider:

  • What you want to insure against bills.

  • The age and health of your rabbit as some insurers have exceptions.

Check what's covered

Bunny insurance packages vary, so focus on the most important factors when you compare the different types of cover. Rabbit insurance usually covers:

  • Vet fees: You can claim back vet treatment costs during the term of your policy. Our rabbit insurance comparison shows how much cover each insurer can provide.

  • Hospitalisation and boarding fees: If you need to go into hospital and are unable to look after your pet, the cost of caring for your rabbit during this time will be covered by your policy.

  • Theft or loss: If your rabbit goes missing or is stolen, your policy can cover the amount you paid for it or even contribute to advertising costs and rewards to help find your pet.

Some insurance policies also cover alternative treatments like acupuncture if it is recommended by a vet but this may cost extra.

Check the policy information so you know exactly what is covered and avoid unexpected and high costs.

For example, you might think you are covered if you lost your rabbit, but this may be incorrect. Checking the details early will establish if you have the right cover in place before it's too late.

Shop around

Get several quotes so you get the best price and check you are happy with the cover before you commit to a policy. Make sure your information is correct, the policy will be invalid if it contains inaccurate details.

Make sure you can afford any excess you must pay if you decide to make a claim.

Rabbit insurance FAQs


Will insurance cover my rabbit's existing medical conditions?


Not always. It is best to check if there are any medical exclusions. Typical medical exclusions include dental issues and conditions that need long term care. Here is how you can find cover.


Can I insure my older rabbit?


Possibly, but some insurance providers have exclusions depending on the age of the rabbit. Here is how to find cover for your older pet.


Can more than one rabbit be insured on the same policy?


Yes, with multi-pet insurance. However, it is best to check this as each provider is different and may require you to insure your rabbits separately. Here is how to insure multiple pets at once.


How can I claim on my rabbit insurance?


A claim form should be sent to your insurer. Here is how to make a pet insurance claim.