Take out a quality rabbit pet insurance policy and you can be confident that if your rabbits fall ill or have an accident, you will have the financial support in place to ensure they receive the care they need to be back hopping around as quickly as possible.

Rabbit pet insurance tends not only to be significantly cheaper than other types of pet insurance cover, but also gives you better value for money. So be sure to use the rabbit insurance comparison table to ensure you get the most for your money and the best cover for your rabbit!

The main benefit offered by most rabbit insurance companies is to provide cover for veterinary care. However additional cover for alternative treatment and behavioural problems is also included with many of the best policies.

Most offer lifetime rabbit insurance as standard which means so they cover the treatment of any condition for the life of your rabbit. This means that should your rabbit develop an ongoing condition such as arthritis, you have the reassurance that the cost of treatment would be covered by your insurance company for the rest of your rabbit's life.

There is usually a yearly limit on the cost of veterinary treatment which will be paid out in the event of any claim. Although the limit tends to be fairly generous; when choosing a policy it is important to check that you are happy with this amount.

Other common features of rabbit insurance policies include boarding fees to cover the cost of someone caring for your rabbit whilst you are hospitalised and also contributions towards advertising if your rabbit is lost.

Before committing to a insurance policy it is important to compare rabbit insurance so you check that you are happy with the details of the cover. You should also make sure you would be able to afford to meet the excess if you need to make a claim.

If you have more than one pet it is also worth checking whether the insurer offers a multi-pet discount so that you can protect your pets fully at a lower cost.