Pet bird insurance can help you cope with sudden veterinary expenses by footing the bill in the event that your pet develops a condition or is involved in an accident - here's how to find the right cover.

How can you find the right bird insurance?

To find the right bird pet insurance, you need to think about your situation and what level of cover you want.

There's little point paying for cover which either includes features you'll never use or doesn't cover everything that you need it to.

That's why it's always worth getting quotes from a number of companies, not just to compare bird insurance prices, but also to see what each provider includes in their best bird insurance plans.

Benefits and limitations of bird insurance

When you make a bird insurer comparison you'll find that companies generally offer a number of features to make having a policy worthwhile, while all policies include help with paying vets' fees if your pet becomes ill or gets hurt.

A few companies also offer specialist bird of prey insurance and exotic bird insurance policies, which pay out more money in the event of a claim for veterinary costs or public liability than small birds' policies.

All insurance policies have conditions that you need to take into account, to insure your pet it must a certain number of weeks old and in most cases have no pre-existing conditions.

You also need to make sure you have a certain level of security in place, as if you don't and your bird is stolen or escapes, you will have trouble making a successful claim.

What's the breed?

Your ability to find the cheapest bird insurance quotes will depend on what breed, or breeds, of bird you want to insure. Cover for a budgie is likely to cost much less than bird insurance for a peregrine falcon or an African grey parrot!

This is why it's important to compare deals from different companies, as the cost of insuring different breeds will vary, as well as offers such as multi-bird quotes.

Check your insurance documents

When you take out a pet bird insurance policy, remember to read through the policy documents carefully - there'll be much more detail about what's included and excluded and details of how you can claim should you need to.

If you're unsure about anything, make sure you ask the company - if you don't you might invalidate your bird insurance policy straight away!

To find out more about getting cheap pet insurance for birds, take a look at our guide How to find affordable pet insurance.