How to choose the right motorbike insurance

Insurance is essential if you ride a motorcycle, but finding the right policy depends on the type of bike you ride and how you use it. Here is how to find the right motorbike insurance.
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Find cover for your bike

It is important to choose the right cover for the type of bike you ride, because some policies only cover certain engine sizes.

You can use our comparison to find a policy if you ride a:

  • Motorbike

  • Scooter

  • Moped

However, you may need to use a broker to get specialist cover if you ride:

  • A classic motorbike, because they require specialist parts if they need repairing and are usually more expensive to insure

  • A quad bike, because many motorbike insurers cannot offer specialist cover and others do not provide online quotes

Pick your level of cover

You must legally have at least third party insurance, but you can choose more comprehensive cover if you are willing to pay extra.

Motorbike insurance can cover:

  • Third party injury

  • Property damage

  • Theft

  • Vandalism

  • Riding other bikes*

  • Legal expenses*

  • Helmets and clothing*

  • Personal accident*

*This cover is usually optional, so you will need to pay extra to include it.

The cover you need depends on:

  • How old you are: If you are under 21, you will pay more for your insurance. Look for specialist cover for younger riders to help keep the cost down.

  • How often you use your bike: You could look at temporary cover if you just use your bike during the warmer months. However, you will need to declare your bike off the road to the DVLA when it is not in use.

  • What you use your bike for: You will need to tell your insurer if you use your bike for commuting, business, or a courier service. If you want to use your bike for racing or competitions, you need to find specialist track day cover.

  • If you carry passengers: You need pillion cover if you carry passengers on your bike, but this sometimes costs extra. Look for a policy that includes pillion cover at no added cost.

  • How many bikes you use: It is important to have additional cover for riding other bikes. If you own more than one motorcycle, multi bike insurance can be cheaper than insuring them separately.

Here is more about what motorbike insurance does and does not cover

Cut the cost

Once you have decided what cover you need, you can save money on your motorbike insurance by:

  • Getting as many quotes as possibleUse our comparison to find the right cover at the cheapest price.

  • Paying up front in full: This saves you paying interest on your policy, which most insurers add when you pay monthly.

  • Getting multi vehicle discounts: Look for a policy that lets you add several bikes, or your car and motorbike to one insurance policy.

  • Choosing a higher excess: Picking a higher voluntary excess can help you save money on your premium. But make sure you pick an excess you can afford if you claim.

Adding other riders also impacts the cost of your insurance. Whether your premium goes up or down usually depends on how old they are. Younger riders tend to push premiums up, whereas older riders can reduce the cost.

What is fronting?

This is when an older or more experienced rider is wrongly listed as the main policyholder on a joint policy, to get cheaper insurance.

Giving incorrect details can invalidate your insurance and you will not be able to claim on your policy. Your policy could also be cancelled and you would not get a refund.

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