Sending money to Norway using an international money transfer service is often quicker and cheaper than using a bank.

Banks charge up to 20 to send money abroad as a SWIFT payment. The fees money transfer companies charge are normally much lower.

Decide the sending method

You can send money:

  • Online: Log in or create an account and submit a transfer form.

  • Over the phone: Call the company and provide the payment details.

  • In branch: Send money to Norway with the help of a member of staff.

Sending money online can be more convenient than branch or phone as you can make and track transfers round the clock from your device.

Check if there are minimum and maximum transfer limits, you might have to split the amount or provide ID if you're sending over a certain value.

Get quotes

To find the right deal, compare quotes from several companies and pick the cheapest option. You will need to consider:

  1. 1.

    The exchange rate: This tells you how much Norwegian currency (Norwegian Krone) you will get per pound you send e.g. if the exchange rate is 10, 1 will buy you 10 kr.

  2. 2.

    Transfer fees: This is how much the company charges for sending the funds. This varies depending on which company you use. Some may not charge a fee.

Do the maths

Check the total cost of every quote, including fees, to work out the cheapest deal.

For example, you want to send 1,100kr and have the following quotes:

  • Company 1 offers 11kr for every 1 and charges a 10 fee. This will cost you 110.

  • Company 2 offers a rate of 10.8kr per 1 and charges no fee. This will cost you 101.85.

In this example, Company 2 is the better option, even though the rate is lower. This shows how important it is to check the combination of exchange rate and fees to find the best offer.

Norway money transfer FAQs


How long does the transfer take?


This depends on the company you use. It can taken between 1-3 days. Some companies provide a next day or same day service, but this may cost extra.


Is it cheaper to make regular transfers?


Yes, some firms offer regular transfers options which can work out cheaper than sending a one-off transfer each time.


Are money transfer companies regulated?


Yes, authorised firms are regulated by the FCA. Check the FCA website to make sure the firm is authorised by them before sending any money.


Can I send money to Norway through my bank or building society?


Yes, but they charge a fee of up to 20. Using a money transfer company can work out quicker and cheaper.