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Last updated: 26 October, 2020

What is child or baby health insurance?

Child health insurance, UK wide, is a type of health insurance that covers the cost of private medical treatment for your baby, child or teenager. A child or baby health insurance policy can pay out for a range of medical treatments that aren’t included on the NHS. This could be helpful if your child became ill or was injured.

When it comes to child or baby insurance, UK insurers usually give you two ways of insuring your little one. There’s the option of individual insurance for your child only, or a policy to cover the whole family.

What’s included in child health insurance, UK wide?

Most child insurance, UK wide, covers you for a similar set of benefits. But every policy differs slightly, so check the details carefully when you’re choosing one.

Generally, the benefits of your child or baby health insurance policy will give you access to:

  • Treatment and diagnostic tests from private specialists, which aren’t available on the NHS

  • Shorter waiting times for tests and treatments which are available on the NHS

  • Private hospitals, potentially with more comfortable, individual rooms

  • Accommodation and support for parents, so you could stay in the hospital with your child while they’re an in-patient.

Here’s what kind of health insurance can pay out for.

Check the exclusions on your child or baby health insurance policy

Child health insurance, UK wide, covers a range of scenarios that could affect your little one. Each policy will be slightly different though, so it’s important to check what you’re buying.

For example, child or baby insurance, UK wide:

  • may cover different symptoms

  • may cover different illnesses

  • may cover different treatments

  • may let you choose from different hospitals and clinics.

For example, some child or baby health insurance policies might cover diabetes but others won’t. Some might cover physiotherapy but others won’t. You need to check the policy you’re interested in before you go ahead. It all depends on which policy and which insurer you choose.

There are some illnesses and treatments that are often not excluded. These might include, among others:

  • Kidney dialysis

  • Chronic conditions

  • Injuries from dangerous sports or activities

  • Mobility aids

  • Hearing aids

  • Organ transplants.

It’s also important to note that most policies don’t cover pre-existing conditions or emergency healthcare. Of course, your child can still get these services through the NHS. They can still access the same services as everyone else through the NHS, even if you have private healthcare insurance for them.

Before you apply for a policy, make sure it covers the private healthcare your child might need. You should also check that there are hospitals nearby that you could use. If your child is ill, you won’t want to be travelling across the country to get to the hospital they can use.

How much does it cost for child health insurance, UK wide?

Child health insurance, UK wide, comes with two main costs that you need to make sure you can afford. It’s the same with most types of insurance.

First is the monthly premium. This is the price you pay monthly, which you pay until the policy ends. Sometimes there is an option to pay for this upfront.

Then there’s the excess charge. This is how much you pay towards any claim you have to make.

Usually, a policy with a higher excess charge will have cheaper monthly premiums. But you need to make sure you can afford to pay the excess charge if you need to make a claim. Alternatively, you could go for a child or baby health insurance policy with a lower excess charge, and pay a bit more on your monthly premiums.

How to find child or baby insurance, UK wide

If you want to get a range of quotes for child or baby health insurance, you can use our health insurance broker. Not only can they get you a variety of quotes, but they can also help you decide which policy is right for your needs.

Here’s how to choose a health insurance policy.

Does getting child insurance, UK wide, mean my child can’t use the NHS?

Not at all. Your child still has the same rights as any other child in this country to use the NHS for free.

This is good because the NHS will treat conditions and illnesses that your private medical insurance doesn’t cover. For example, this might include pre-existing conditions or emergency healthcare.

You can choose when to use your child or baby health insurance, and when to use the NHS.

Are there different kinds of child health insurance, UK wide?

There are several different kinds of child or baby health insurance policies to choose from. For that reason, it might be helpful to use our health insurance broker.

Some of the examples of child or baby health insurance policies include:

  • Cash plans. Child health cash plans pay out a sum of money towards any trips your child has to make to visit a health professional. This could be a doctor, dentist or physiotherapist, for example.

  • Inpatient plans. This type of child health insurance only covers your little one for treatment in hospitals, where they have to stay overnight. So you’ll only get a payout if your child’s admitted. This is sometimes called a basic policy.

  • Inpatient and outpatient plans. This would cover your child for treatment in hospital with an overnight stay, but also for treatment as an outpatient. This is sometimes called a medium policy.

  • Comprehensive. This covers your child for inpatient and outpatient treatment, plus additional treatments. These could include physiotherapy or mental health services.

  • Extras. You can usually add extras to any policy, such as dental care, eye care, or homeopathy.

There are other types too, and this is something our insurance broker could discuss with you.

Are there cheap child or baby health insurance policies available?

When it comes to child or baby health insurance, getting a cheap policy shouldn’t be your priority. It’s more important to get the right policy.

But the kind of things that will affect the price are:

  • Your child’s age

  • Where you live

  • What level of cover you want.

There are a few things you can do to try to reduce the price of your child’s health insurance policy. These include:

  • Pay a higher excess – this’ll lower your monthly premium

  • Choose the right level of cover– perhaps you could choose not to get cover for illnesses covered by the NHS

  • Add a six-week clause – some policies only let you claim if you can’t get your NHS treatment within six weeks of needing it

  • Reduce your hospital list – if you reduce the number of hospitals you can access, you might get a discount.

Child health insurance FAQs

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