Sony Xperia deals

The Sony Xperia range offers a diverse collection of cutting-edge smartphones at different price points. Find out what distinguishes Sony Xperia phones and how to find the best deal if you decide they’re right for you.

An introduction to the Sony Xperia

Sony has a long history as a technological innovator. In partnership with Ericsson, Sony produced the popular Walkman range along with the industry’s first 8MP camera and a host of other ground-breaking technologies.

After parting ways with Ericsson, the Japanese giant has continued to innovate with the release of its flagship Sony Xperia smartphone range, which blends cutting-edge screen technology with impressive camera specs. There are Sony Xperia deals to suit every pocket, from the budget-minded L range to more premium models like the Xperia 5. 

Sony phones: features

The following features are of particular note for those seeking Sony phone deals:

  • Bravia TV screen technology

  • 4K HDR display

  • Slow-motion video recording

  • Water resistance 

  • Exmor R camera lenses

Sony mobile phone deals: the Xperia range 

Sony phones feature everything from slow-motion video recording to cinematic HDR displays, but the specific specs can vary widely between models. What they all tend to have in common is a focus on entertainment, with Sony’s technology being used to enhance media consumption, whether that’s films, TV, music or games. 

Here’s a rundown of some of the most popular models from the Xperia range. 

Sony Xperia X

Released in February 2016, the Sony Xperia X isn’t exactly the most recent device on the market. However, the fantastic camera, long battery life and sharply detailed display make it worthy of inclusion. 

  • 5-inch screen

  • 1920 x 1080 pixels

  • 32GB storage

  • 2,620mAh battery

  • 23MP main camera

  • 13MP front-facing camera

Sony Xperia 1

Released in June 2019, the Xperia 1 is a step up from the Xperia X. It’s far more powerful, with a triple rear camera and an impressive chipset. Designed with a 21:9 screen, the Xperia 1 also comes with a film-making app to inspire creativity. 

  • 6.5-inch screen

  • 3840 x 1644 resolution

  • 64GB/128GB internal storage

  • 6MB RAM

  • 3,330mAh battery

  • 12MP/12MP/12MP rear camera

  • 8MP front camera

Sony Xperia 1 II

A new and improved version of the Xperia 1, the Xperia 1 II – which is pronounced one mark two - was released in May 2020. It takes all the features of the Xperia 1 and gives them an extra boost, with a bigger battery and more storage. It also features a 4K display with a 21:9 resolution. 

  • 6.5-inch screen

  • 3849 x 1644 resolution 

  • 256GB internal storage

  • 8GB RAM

  • 4,000mAh battery

  • 12MP/12MP/12MP rear camera

  • 8MP front camera

Sony Xperia 5

For those who find a 6.5-inch screen overwhelming, there’s the Sony Xperia 5. Released in October 2019, it’s essentially a smaller version of the Xperia 1. The resolution isn’t quite as dense as the Xperia 1’s, but it still boasts 449 pixels per inch, so it’s not a significant decrease. 

  • 6.1-inch screen

  • 2520 x 1080 resolution

  • 128GB storage

  • 6GB RAM

  • 3,140mAh battery

  • 12MP/12MP/12MP rear camera

  • 8MP front camera

Sony Xperia 10

Boasting an ultra-wide Full HD+ display and 21:9 aspect ratio, the Sony Xperia 10 enables users to enjoy cinematic-style media. This same aspect ratio also enables users to have two apps on screen simultaneously with a Side Sense feature that’s designed to enhance multitasking. 4K filming and SteadyShot image stabilisation also makes the Xperia 10 a good option for recording video. 

  • 6-inch screen

  • 64GB storage

  • 3GB RAM

  • 2,870mAh battery

  • 13MP/5MP dual-lens rear camera

  • 8MP front-facing camera

Sony Xperia XA2

Easier on the wallet than some of the phones mentioned above, the Sony Xperia XA2 was released in February 2018. It packs good performance into a smaller size, with a 5.2-inch screen that sits easily in the palm of your hand. Although it doesn’t include many premium features, its decent battery and camera specs make it a solid choice. 

  • 5.2-inch screen

  • 1920 x 1080 resolution

  • 32GB storage

  • 3GB RAM

  • 3,300mAh battery

  • 23MP rear camera

  • 8MP front camera

Sony Xperia L4

At the more affordable end of the spectrum is the Xperia L4, which was released in May 2020 and features among the cheapest Sony Xperia deals. Despite its wallet-friendly price, the L4 doesn’t skimp on technology. Like other premium handsets, it offers an ultra-wide camera and 21:9 aspect ratio screen. 

  • 6.2-inch display

  • 1680 x 720 resolution 

  • 3.5mm headphone socket

  • 3,580mAh battery

  • 64GB storage

  • 3GB RAM

  • 13MP/5MP/2MP rear camera

  • 8MP front camera

Sony Xperia deals - availability 

There’s no shortage of options to consider for those searching for Sony Xperia deals. At the time of writing, in July 2020, most major operators are offering pay-monthly and SIM-only deals, as well as pay-as-you-go options. Some of the main networks offering Sony Xperia contracts include:

  • EE

  • Vodafone

  • O2

  • Sky Mobile

  • iD Mobile

  • Virgin Mobile

Sony Xperia deal prices

Prices vary depending on several factors, including:

  • Phone type 

  • Contract length

  • Data allowance 

The cost of buying a Sony Xperia outright depends on the model you choose. At the cheaper end of the spectrum is the Sony Xperia L4, which is priced at £169 in July 2020, while the new Xperia 1 II will set purchasers back £1,099. 

The best Sony Xperia contract types

Like other phone ranges, Xperia contracts come in all shapes and sizes, although they do fall into a few different categories. Let’s break it down:

Sony Xperia contract deals on pay-monthly 

Pay-monthly contracts spread the cost of a Sony Xperia phone over time, which can be a good option for premium handsets like the Xperia 5 or Xperia 1. 

Monthly prices start from as little as £15 per month but can swing up towards £40 for newer models. 

Data allowance is another issue for those who like to spend a lot of time online. 

Contract length is also worth reviewing. Some plans last 24 months or longer. It can be difficult to switch mid-contract, so keep this in mind. 

Pay-monthly contracts often come with a few extra little bonuses or perks as part of the plan. 

  • EE’s Sony deals often include free BT Sport and Apple Music subscriptions. EE also offers roaming in 53 locations, which is a bonus for frequent travellers. 

  • O2’s Sony Xperia contracts give you roaming in 47 EU destinations. Many also include priority booking at O2 venues, as well as access to 7,000 Wi-Fi hotspots throughout the UK. This is handy for those who are often away from their home broadband.

  • Vodafone Xperia deals give customers 14 days to change their minds if the network doesn’t live up to its promise. Vodafone also includes the VeryMe rewards app for extra discounts. 

Sony Xperia contract deals on PAYG

For those who prefer the freedom of paying for data and minutes as they use them, there are pay-as-you-go Sony Xperia contracts available from EE, Three and O2. 

PAYG subscribers on these Sony Xperia plans need to buy a phone upfront, just as they would with any SIM-only plan. However, the difference between a PAYG and a SIM-only plan is that the former doesn’t commit you to pay a set monthly amount. Instead, customers top up their balance as needed. For light users, this can be a better deal. 

Sony Xperia deals FAQ

What are the cheapest Sony phones?

The most affordable phones in the Xperia range are found in the L Series. As of July 2020, the most recent model was the Sony Xperia L4, priced at £169. Despite its relatively low price, it still includes key Sony features like an HD display and triple-lens camera. The latest L Series phone also offers a fingerprint scanner and a 6.2-inch screen. 

Is Sony right for me?

Maybe. The Sony Xperia is marketed towards those who: 

  • Enjoy watching videos or playing games on their phone

  • Want to choose from a wide selection of handsets 

  • Appreciate quick, responsive processing

  • Like to take photos and record video

With Sony phones, the priority is always on entertainment, from cinematic screens to HD audio. The Sony Xperia design studio is also prolific and releases multiple phone models each year. This means customers have a lot of choices when comparing Sony deals. 

Which Sony Xperia phone has the best camera?

Although Sony phones are known for their high-quality cameras, the Sony Xperia 1 and Xperia 1 II particularly stand out in this regard. Both offer triple rear cameras, with 12MP options in the main, wide-angle and telephoto lenses. There’s also a good 8MP front camera. 

Rear camera apertures are f/1.5 and f/2.4, letting in plenty of light for perfect shots even in dim lighting. However, where this camera really impresses is in its video capabilities. These enable users to shoot 21:9 footage using a wide range of manual controls and colour profiles. 

Are Sony Xperia phones waterproof?

Some are, but not all. Most of the more recent Xperia phones have an IP68 rating, which means they are designed to withstand short periods submerged in shallow water. However, it’s best to keep these phones dry where possible. 

Do Sony Xperia phones work with 5G?

Currently, the only Xperia phone configured to work with 5G is the new Xperia 1 II. Before you take the plunge and purchase any 5G phone, you should find out if 5G is available in your area. This high-speed network is in the process of being rolled out, so if it’s not available near you yet, it could be soon. By then, there may be more Xperia phones compatible with 5G. 

How can I find the best Sony Xperia contract?

The best contract takes several factors into account, including price, contract length and the phone itself. Those opting to purchase a cheaper handset outright could save money with a pay-as-you-go or SIM-only deal. Those interested in newer models, including the Sony Xperia 1 II, could consider refurbished phone deals as they become available. Using a comparison website to review phone deals can help save time by showing phone and contract details side by side.