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Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus deals

The Samsung Galaxy S21 range may be out but you can still get some decent deals on the handsets Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus - a big handset with even bigger aspirations.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

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Should I buy the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus? 

A giant in the phone market when it was first released, the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is a 6.4-inch behemoth that was the absolute best handset of 2019, with a fantastic camera and the best software Samsung had to offer. Skip to 2021 and there is a lot to love about the S10 Plus but those who want 5G and up-to-date specs will need to look elsewhere. 

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus: About the hardware

Samsung has long been head-to-head with iPhones when it comes to the title of best smartphone around, and the Samsung S10 Plus, when first released in 2019, raised the bar once again. 

    You can choose between 128GB and 512GB of storage, which already makes the Samsung a more generous option than the iPhone 11. Keep in mind that you can also use the card slot to expand on this even further, although this option isn’t available on the Samsung S10 5G.

    Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus battery

    You’ll get 4100mAh of battery power with the S10 Plus. While that may not mean very much, consider that the S10E comes with 3100mAh and the previous S9 models came with 3,000mAh. So it’s a significant improvement. 

    Generally speaking, this should translate to something like 15-20 hours with normal use. Remember though, the S10 Plus is also powering a bigger screen, which will need more power. But the important thing is that the S10 Plus can get you comfortably through the day on one charge.

    Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus colours

    The Samsung S10 Plus comes in a range of colours:

      If colours are important to you, then make sure to shop around as not all providers will have them all in stock.

      Samsung S10 Plus camera specs

      The camera is a vital part of any smartphone. You don’t have to be an influencer or photographer to still place value on this feature, in many ways it’s become the benchmark by which all the best smartphones are judged. The Samsung 10 does extremely well on this front, but the S10 Plus ups the game once again with:

        You can also use a variety of modes to get that perfect shot:

          Samsung S10 Plus security

          The S10 series has a fingerprint sensor on the screen, which in 2019 was something of a revelation. It also comes with facial recognition software that’ll allow you to unlock your phone just by looking at it. Or you can opt for a traditional password or pin code for some old-fashioned security.

          What are the best Samsung S10 Plus deals?

          Given the best Samsung S10 Plus is a phone that is two years old now, you should be able to get it for a decent price. But while everyone loves a bargain, don’t automatically assume that the best Samsung S10 Plus deal is the cheapest. Lots of providers sweeten the deal with bonuses like customer perks, free entertainment bundles, full warranty or flexible plans. So, consider the following when you look for your deal, not just price:

            How expensive is the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus?

            If you asked this in 2019 then the answer would have been: very expensive. It was one of the best phones on the market. But since the S20 and S21 have been released, the S10 Plus has come down in price, so you should be able to find a deal to suit your budget.

            Samsung S10 Plus deals on pay monthly

            Given the phone’s age, the amount of network providers housing the Samsung S10 Plus has shrunk but there are still two available (as of March 2021), EE and Three. A quick look at the deals on offer and you should be able to get this phone for £25 and under per month.

            As mentioned before, though, don’t base everything on price alone, look to see precisely what you get with your plan. A free trial of Disney+, for example, might more than make up the difference between one plan and another. 

            Keep an eye on the small print for any pay monthly plan, as many tend to increase year on year to match inflation. 

            Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus on pay as you go

            You can get the S10 Plus as a pay as you go option with Three and giffgaff. Your upfront cost will be somewhere around the £400 mark.

            Samsung S10 Plus accessories 

            The S10 Plus is designed to work seamlessly with other Galaxy devices with its charge-sharing feature. Plus, it's compatible with a range of other accessories to help you make the most of your phone:

              Lots of mobile providers will let you bundle up to pay for your accessories along with your phone, this can be a great way to get everything you need for a manageable monthly fee. 

              Frequently Asked Questions

              Can the Samsung S10 Plus use 5G?

              No, only the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G model can connect to 5G.

              Which is the cheapest Galaxy S10 deal?

              That depends on what you’re after. We’ve outlined the cheapest deals above, but you should also judge each deal on more than cost alone.

              What is the best mobile network for the Samsung S10?

              The S10 Plus connects to 4G, so you should keep that in mind when you’re faced with providers claiming to have fast 5G etc. The best network will be the one that can give you good coverage, good speed and matches your requirements so far as budget and flexibility go.

              Is it better to buy the Galaxy S10 Plus SIM-free?

              It can be if you like to pay off your handset in full and then be free to bounce between providers with different SIM cards. The S10 Plus does offer dual SIM compatibility though, so this shouldn’t be your main motivation. 

              What other handsets should I be looking at?