Samsung Galaxy deals

Samsung Galaxy deals

Even the most cursory glance at the Samsung range will tell you that the Samsung Galaxy line isn’t as straight-forward as, say, the iPhone range of phones. In fact, it’s not even exclusively phones. The Samsung Galaxy models include multiple series, such as the A series, S series and Note series, as well as the Tab series of tablets. Confused? Don’t worry, read on to learn all.

What is the Samsung Galaxy series?

Samsung Galaxy is the umbrella brand under which several Samsung lines are made. In the UK, all Samsung phones exist under the Galaxy brand, so they’ll be named “Samsung Galaxy” followed by their series and model number. Currently, you can find the following mobile series available:

  • Samsung Galaxy S series

  • Samsung Galaxy A series

  • Samsung Galaxy Note series

  • Samsung Galaxy Z series

  • Samsung Galaxy J series

What is the Samsung S series?

  • Launched in 2010

  • Flagship series

  • Premium quality and cost

  • Includes tablet devices 

Originally launched in summer 2010, the S series quickly gained footing as one of the world’s most desirable phone lines. Now, a decade later, the series is going stronger than ever, with the latest S series phone often going head to head with the latest iPhone to be the most popular phone of the moment. Where the S series (arguably) beats the iPhone, though, is within its tech. Samsung is constantly innovating to provide stunning camera specs, processor power and storage. 

Tablets under this range are known as the Tab series, the latest being the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite which comes with a stylus. 

The latest model of phone in this range is the Samsung Galaxy S20 which also comes in the S20+ and S20 Ultra variations that support 5G.

What is the Samsung Note series?

  • Launched in 2011

  • ‘Phablet’ phone/tablet hybrid

  • Phones include storable stylus

  • Premium cost and quality

Just as, or arguably even more, impressive as the S series is the Note series. The Note series is intended to be used like a tablet, held with two hands and using the provided stylus. Think of it as a blend of the S series’ phones and tablets. 

Features such as handwritten notes, sketches, double-screen viewing and extremely high camera specs give this phone a slightly more professional edge that makes it the ideal business phone for creatives and decision-makers on the go. The stylus, in more recent models, has also been equipped with ever-more impressive capabilities. As of the Samsung Note 9, it serves as a remote control to let you take photos, while later models also let it double as a scroller for PowerPoints, letting you go back, forth and zoom. What is the Samsung Z series?

  • Launched February 2020

  • Currently only two models

  • Vertical-folding smartphone

The Samsung Z series was launched in 2019 with the Galaxy Fold. This is Samsung’s answer to the foldable phone trend, complete with a book-fold style screen - not to be confused with the Galaxy Z Flip which closes the traditional way horizontally. 

At present, the Fold and Flip are the only phones in this line. The most recent is the Flip, which was met with mixed reviews, claiming it was a stylish novelty but not a great option as a long-lasting functional phone. It was also rated poorly for ease of repair if it broke. What is the Samsung A series?

  • Launched in 2014

  • Affordable smartphones

  • Range of price points

  • Model numbers define the level of tech and price point

Back to regular phones, the A series is where Samsung might surprise you. It’s well known that Samsung is a top-of-the-range brand name when it comes to mobiles, but it also has several models that are much, much more affordable. You might even call them cheap mobiles if you consider the A10 comes in at a penny-pinching £139 – not bad for a dual-SIM phone from a leading brand. 

You can tell how advanced your tech is based on the model number. So, the A10 is on the lower side of the tech spectrum and the A90 is much higher. In fact, in terms of battery power, it’s comparable to some of the S series. 

There are even A series phones that offer 5G compatibility without breaking the bank. Samsung isn’t shy about adding to its line-up, so you’ll have plenty to pick from.

What is the Samsung J series?

Now discontinued, it’s worth mentioning as you can still find some J series phones floating around as cheap deals and refurbished models. The J series essentially answered the same demand for more affordable phones as the A series, and has now been replaced by that line. The J series, arguably, was more concerned with price, so you’ll find a better balance of tech and performance in the A series. 

Which Samsung series is best?

The S series is often considered the best Samsung series, being the brand’s flagship line, but the Note series is a worthy rival. Between these two lines, and a very generous budget, you’re sure to find some truly remarkable mobile technology that boasts the best in terms of performance, camera, video, gaming, audio and top-end design. 

What other Samsung Galaxy devices are there?

Samsung Galaxy is also a title given to accessories, including:

  • Samsung Galaxy Buds (earbuds)

  • Samsung Galaxy Beam (projector)

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch

Which Samsung Galaxy phones are best for me?

That depends on your budget and how you want your phone contract to work. For example, high-end phones like the Note and S series are unlikely to be available on pay as you go, so you’ll almost certainly have to go for a pay monthly deal. These work out much more affordable month on month and gain you extras like customer perks and entertainment apps.

If you’re aiming to pay for your phone outright for the ease of being SIM-free and able to switch networks or stick with a pay as you go plan like VOXI, then the A series is where the much more affordable phones can be found. Whatever you decide, it’s fair to say that you’ll certainly find a Samsung phone to suit your needs and budget.