Samsung Galaxy A80 deals

While you may assume that Samsung exists on the same, very expensive, tier as the iPhone, the brand has plenty of phones that suit smaller budgets. That's where the Samsung Galaxy A80 slots in.

Samsung Galaxy A80 deals

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Samsung Galaxy A80 deals: About the hardware

The A80 was released in early 2019 as part of the A series. As the more affordable line under the Samsung brand, the A series is easy enough to understand, with each number determining how advanced the phone's tech is, which reflects in a higher price. The A80, therefore, is more expensive than the A70 or A30, but not as pricey as the A90 5G, which also comes with the bonus of 5G compatibility. 

Offering 8GB of RAM and 128GB memory, the octa-core processor also ensures speedy performance. 

Samsung Galaxy A80 key features

  • 6.7-inch screen

  • HD+ Super AMOLED display

  • In-screen fingerprint scanner

  • Triple pop-up rotating camera

  • 48-megapixel main camera

  • Bixby personal assistant

  • 128GB storage

  • All-day battery life

  • Samsung Knox security 

  • Superfast charging

What is the Samsung A series?

As mentioned, the Samsung A line is a series of phones created to be more affordable. While the A80 probably doesn't count as a terribly cheap mobile, it’s certainly likely to fit far more budgets than the Samsung Galaxy S series or Note series. Marked with the figure 80, the A80 enters relatively high in a series of phones that starts with the A10. As a more pocket-pleasing phone, it's probably not surprising that the somewhat risky and novel idea of a flippable camera didn't make an appearance in the S series instead.

Samsung Galaxy A80 storage

As mentioned, the safety net of storage that Samsung usually offers through an SD slot has been removed in this model. Still, for most users, 128GB should be more than enough to cover all your needs, from photos and music to most apps. If you’re the type to use heavy apps or rely on your phone for professional creative work, then you might want to look at a more premium line such as the Note series, especially as refurbished phones can help knock a chunk off the price.

Samsung Galaxy A80 battery

The battery of the A80 offers 3700mAh. That's far from the very best that Samsung has to offer, but it's certainly not the worst available on the market. You should easily get through the day on a single charge, though fast charging is also possible so it won't take much time to get you back up to power. 

Samsung Galaxy A80 colours

The Samsung A80 is available in the following colours:

  • Angel Gold

  • Ghost White

  • Phantom Black

All shades give a sleek and polished finish.

Samsung Galaxy A80 camera specs

So, let's talk about the A80 camera, which is hard to miss. Doing away with separate rear and back cameras, the A80 uses a pop-up camera that can flip from front to back. It's a very cool addition to what is already, for the money, a very impressive phone, not least because this means the 48MP camera that is the main rear camera can also apply that same high quality to your selfies. 

With all that said though, this camera hasn't made a re-appearance on any newer models, suggesting that the novelty outweighed the actual functionality. Of course, if you're looking for a truly unique phone from a very reliable brand, the A80 still offers great camera specs beyond its pop-up quality:

  • Live focus blurs out distractions

  • Super steady video shooting

  • AR measuring mode – measure objects with your camera

  • Dozens of automatic photo optimising modes, from animals and people to text

Unfortunately, the phone doesn't support optical zoom (though it does have digital zoom), so images can soon start getting grainy. Still, what the camera does is pretty impressive given it's not a premium phone, so for daily selfies and holiday snaps, you should be perfectly satisfied.

The pop-up camera isn't unique to this phone, or to Samsung by any means. Most other models that offer it had the camera pop up as a mini unit on top of the phone, meaning snapping or snagging was more likely. With the A80, the camera unit is the same width as the phone itself. It's by far the most seamless phone to have integrated this technology. 

Samsung Galaxy A80 security

The A80 comes with fingerprint recognition technology and also Samsung Knox, the brand's multi-layered security.

Samsung Galaxy A80 price and availability

The A80 has since been replaced by the A90 5G as the A series' top phone, so you should keep your eye out for second-hand devices if you want to get a discounted deal. On a pay as you go deal, you should expect to pay something around the £500 mark. Pay monthly deals, despite the phone's relatively young age, are surprisingly hard to find, though deals for the A90 and A71 are not. With that in mind, you might want to opt for either of those alternatives. 

What are the best Samsung Galaxy A80 deals?

As with any model phone, whether that's the latest iPhone or the cheapest mobile you can find, the best deal is the one that gives you the best value for money. Consider all of the following when you start your hunt for the best new phone deal:

  • Contract length and flexibility

  • Upfront costs

  • Data allowances

  • Data-free streaming or social media

  • Roaming destinations

  • Customer perks

  • Entertainment app trials and other benefits

  • Warranties etc.

Samsung A80 contract deals on pay monthly

As mentioned, the A80 isn't very easy to find on pay monthly plans – you'll have much better luck with the A90, A70, A71 or A51, almost all of which also come with 5G connectivity.

Samsung A80 pay as you go

Things don't get much easier on pay as you go, and you should keep an eye on giffgaff to see if any pre-owned models come into stock. Again, you'll find you're able to secure a deal much more easily on any of the alternative A series models. 

Frequently Asked Questions:  Samsung Galaxy A80

Is the A80 waterproof?

No, at least not officially. Waterproof phones will come with an IP rating, the A80 does not. While it will probably survive a quick splash from the sink or walk in the rain, an accidental dip in the bath is likely to spell disaster. 

Is the A80 better than the A70?

Yes, marginally. The two phones share a lot in common, including screen size and resolution, but the A80 packs a more powerful punch with its processor. The camera specs are also upped in the A80, but this is also delivered in the form of its pop-up camera that some users may not be too fond of. Storage on both are the same, but the A70 allows for SD card expansion. Notably, the A70 has a more powerful battery.

Does the Galaxy A80 have a headphone jack?

No, in a time when you have to ask if you can use headphones with your phone, the A80 doesn't feature a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Can I use 2G/3G/4G with the A80?

Yes, but you cannot use 5G, the A80 is not a 5G compatible phone.

Is it worth buying an A80?

It's less about it being a good buy and more about being able to get your hands on one. The phone isn't too easy to find, but if you do manage to get one, you're sure to enjoy it. As with all Samsung phones, the model is reliable and sleek, plus the camera, whether you love it or hate it, is a definite conversation-starter. 

What Samsung A series phones are 5G?

You can enjoy 5G coverage with the following phones:

  • Galaxy A71 5G

  • Galaxy A51 5G

  • Galaxy A41 5G

Keep in mind that it's not enough to just have a 5G phone, you also need to be on a network that offers 5G coverage. That said, you won't automatically connect to 5G just because you're on a 5G network either, you do need a compatible phone. The four main UK networks (Three, O2, Vodafone, EE) offer 5G coverage with some virtual networks such as VOXI doing likewise, though this isn't as extensive as 4G across the whole UK.

Is the A80 the only phone with a pop-up camera?

No, it's not even the first model to do so, though it may be the one that pulled it off the best. OnePlus, Oppo and Asus are just some brands to use pop-up cameras. As mentioned, though, the design of these phones did make the camera liable to snag, as the sides did not remain flush with the phone itself. As ever, if you want phone tech executed in the best way, Samsung is a great brand to turn to.