Samsung Galaxy A70 deals

Samsung’s A series is a range of affordable phones that combine high-end features with a more budget-friendly price tag. If you don’t want to make a huge investment, the Samsung Galaxy A70 could be the phone for you.

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What is the A series?

Samsung has more than one series of phones. There’s the S series (the line the Samsung Galaxy S20, S10, etc., belong to), the Note series (where the Note 20 sits) and the A series. The first two boast some extremely impressive features that can go head-to-head with the world’s best phones, but the A series is designed to be a more affordable line. That’s great news for your budget.

The A series doesn’t stop at just one phone. There are plenty to choose from, each with a different number after the A prefix. The higher the number, the fancier tech you get. The A40, for example, has a more stripped-back camera and less storage space than the A70, but this is reflected in the price. It’s worth noting that even if you opt for the latest A-series release, you’re unlikely to spend anywhere near as much as you would for an S-series model, which makes this line a fantastically accessible way to enjoy some Samsung tech. 

Samsung Galaxy A70: About the hardware

The A70 was released in early 2019. You may notice that many UK networks have stopped offering the A50 and A51 in favour of the A70, meaning this model is still quite easy to get your hands on.

Samsung A70 key features

  • 6.7” Super AMOLED display

  • Multiple cameras and ultra-wide lens

  • 128 GB storage

  • Extra card slot (either for SD or dual SIM)

  • Headphone jack

  • Fingerprint sensor 

  • Range of colours

Samsung A70 Storage

The A70 comes in at a reasonable 128GB of storage. That should be more than enough for the majority of users as that amount of storage space should be enough for most apps and file storage. However, if you want more, you can also expand your storage using an SD card. 

If having massive amounts of mobile storage is important to you, then the A series probably isn’t where you should be looking. However good your storage is, unless your phone has a good enough processor to handle it, things could end up lagging. The perfect high-storage phone also has a powerful performance to handle all those files. And if that’s where your priorities lie, you’d probably be better off spending the extra on a more premium handset, such as the Galaxy Note 20. 

Samsung Galaxy A70 battery

The A70 battery actually matches the most powerful batteries in the Galaxy S10 family, namely the S10 Lite at 4,500mAh. Keep in mind, of course, that performance varies massively from user to user, but generally this battery size should get you through the day without any issues. 

Samsung Galaxy A70 colours

You have three colours to choose from with the A70:

  • Black

  • White

  • Blue

Try not to let colour lead your decision, as not every UK mobile network will offer this phone in all these shades.

Samsung A70 vs. A50 vs. A71 Plus

Even if you’ve settled on the A series, the number of models can make it hard to pick a firm winner.

The A70 comes in close to the A50 in terms of price and specs, so arguably the A70 is the better choice if you were originally on the lookout for an A50. However, the more recent A71 throws something of a spanner in the works as a serious step up. Not only is the physical design of the phone now amped up with a trend-led prism colour scheme, but the internal storage also offers a premium experience at a much lower price. This is, of course, reflected in the price tag that places it £100 higher than the price of a standard A70, but it’s a clear indication that the A series isn’t to be sniffed at just because it can’t match the S series in specs. 

The A70 delivers faster charging speeds than the A50. Strangely, however, it does not have the IP rating of the A50 to keep it safe from water splashes and dust. You’ll get more RAM for your money with the A70 as well as a stronger processor. So, for casual users or teens, the A50 is ideal. The A70 is a more impressive option, while the A71 gives you the biggest bang for your buck.

Samsung A70 camera specs

The A70 has some pretty impressive camera specs:

  • 32MP Main

  • 8MP Ultra-Wide

  • 5MP Depth

  • 32MP Selfie

Settings to help you take perfect shots include:

  • Continuous shooting

  • HDR

  • Bokeh mode 

Samsung A50 security

A fingerprint scanner lets you, and only you, unlock your phone with ease, and Samsung Knox runs multi-layer real-time protection. 

What are the best Samsung A70 contract deals?

As always, you should look at more than just the price when it comes to finding the best phone deal. After all, if you can save on an entertainment subscription with one network, that might more than make up for the difference in price with another. Always keep an eye out for:

  • Best/most flexible contract lengths

  • Affordable upfront costs

  • Roaming destinations

  • Free data options or other benefits

  • Customer perks

  • How easily you can upgrade

  • If your (eligible) network offers discounts if you are already/become a home broadband customer

  • Price jumps – more common than you might think, these can raise your price by 2-3% each year

How expensive is the Samsung Galaxy A70?

Brand new, the A70 will cost between £300 and £350, and contract prices start at around £20 a month, but these obviously vary a lot depending on your overall deal. When thinking about your budget you should also think about your priorities. For example, do you want a new phone more than you want a premium phone? Refurbished phones could land you a pre-owned S series model for the same price as a new A70.

Samsung A70 deals on pay monthly

The A70 is still very widely available and you can land yourself a new pay monthly contract from the following networks:

  • O2

  • Three

  • EE

  • Vodafone

  • BT

Samsung Galaxy A70 deals on pay as you go

Handset-only options are available with the following networks, based on you making a small top-up with a network SIM:

  • giffgaff

  • O2

Samsung A70 accessories 

The A series is still a Galaxy phone, so it is compatible with all the usual accessories:

  • Galaxy Buds

  • Galaxy watch

You cannot use wireless or reverse charging with the A70.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use 5G on the Samsung A70?

No, but the following A series phones are designed to be 5G compatible:

  • Galaxy A71 5G

  • Galaxy A51 5G

  • Galaxy A41 5G

Pay attention to that ‘5G’ suffix – the standard A71, for example, is not 5G compatible. 

What is the Samsung J series?

The J series was a budget-friendly line of Samsung phones that is no longer available. The line was only discontinued recently, so you may still be able to find some deals around. The A-series is an improvement on the J series, although lower numbers like the A11 are comparable in terms of specs and price. 

Is the Samsung A70 dual SIM?

Yes, you can use two nano SIM cards with the A70.

Is the Samsung A70 water resistant?

No, the Samsung A70 has no water resistance or IP68 rating to protect against water and dust ingress.

Is the Samsung A70 a good phone?

Yes, if you are on the lookout for cheaper smartphones then there’s no reason you shouldn’t consider the A70. While it has been outshone by the A71, the A70 is still a solid choice, with a good battery, quality cameras and more than enough storage for most users. 

Is it worth buying a Samsung A70?

Definitely, especially if you’re working with a tight budget. You won’t get that ‘wow factor’ that comes with the S series, but then at prices this affordable you shouldn’t expect that. What you do get is a very good phone for the price, an ideal starter phone for teens or a reliable bit of kit for casual users.

Is the A70 better than the Galaxy S10?

The A series is made to be affordable, while the S series is made to be premium. While older entries in the S series such as the S7 may be comparable to the A70, the overall polish of the S7 experience is likely to surpass A series phones. 

How many cameras does the Samsung Galaxy A70 have?

Three cameras – wide, ultra-wide and depth. It has four if you include the 32MP selfie camera.