Samsung Galaxy A20e deals

When you think of cheap mobile phones, you may automatically rule out the idea of owning a Samsung. The A20e might have something to say about that.

Samsung Galaxy A20e deals

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Samsung Galaxy A20e deals: About the hardware

Released in April 2019, the Samsung A20e neatly slots into the A series line up just above the A10 and a little below the A40 – though all of them are great options for those on a tighter budget.

Samsung Galaxy A20e key features

  • 5.8-inch display

  • Edge-to-edge infinity HD+ display

  • 32GB internal storage

  • 3GB RAM

  • Choice of colours

  • 13MP rear camera

  • 5MP ultra-wide camera

  • 3,000mAh battery

  • HD+ Infinity V 19.9 ratio display

  • 3.5mm audio jack

What is the Samsung A series?

The A series, in case you haven’t guessed it, is Samsung’s line of more affordable phones. Will you be getting top-of-the-line specs for that money? No, but you will be getting Samsung quality, and in some cases, the A series does borrow some high-end specs – just look at the whopping 4,500mAh battery of the Samsung A90. 

You can tell where on the spectrum of top tech your A series phone lands by the number. As the A20, this device is very much made to be value for money, but start upping that number to the A50 or A70 and you’ll get more impressive specs for bigger price tags. In fact, the A71 and A51 have been re-released for 5G, not bad for budget phones. 

What’s the difference between the Samsung A20 and A20e?

There aren’t massive differences between the two, aside from size. The A20e is a more compact version of the A20, with a 5.8-inch screen versus the A20’s 6.4 inches and a smaller battery to match – the A20 offered 4,000mAh. We’d say screen size is the only real reason you’d opt for an A20 over the A20e, especially as the latter has added camera specs such as autofocus. If screen size is important to you, though, go for an A50 and get more bang for your buck with more storage, better RAM and a juiced-up camera. Samsung Galaxy A20e storage

The Samsung Galaxy A20e comes with 32GB of storage space. That’s really quite limited compared to other Samsung models and competitor brands. The saving grace of this phone is its SD card slot, which lets you expand your memory externally. This helps to boost it massively with SD cards that cost no more than a tenner. 

How much memory does my Samsung A20e need?

With 32GB, you may well need to up your storage with the help of an SD card, but that’s not to say it’s compulsory. You should be able to get by with internal storage for things like:

  • General browsing

  • Essential and basic apps

  • Storing some music and video but making use of streaming

  • Storing some photos but making use of the cloud

If storage is important to you, then you may want to look higher up the A series, like the A40 or A50 which jump up to 64GB. 

Samsung Galaxy A20e battery

The 3,000mAh battery isn’t going to knock the competition off the top spot, but it should certainly get you through the day, and if you are caught short, 15W Fast Charging will get you back on track. 

Samsung Galaxy A20e colours

You can enjoy a pop of colour with your Samsung A20e or stick to the classic shades:

  • Black

  • White

  • Blue

  • Coral

Samsung Galaxy A20e camera specs

The A20e cameras come in the form of a dual rear camera and selfie camera. At 13MP, it’s far from the best offered by the brand, but it should certainly capture your casual holiday snaps with ease. The 8MP front camera makes use of Smart Beauty Mode, so you look your best in every photo. Other additions include:

  • Wide shot mode

  • AR sticker mode

  • Stamps

  • Photo filters 

  • Digital zoom

Samsung Galaxy A20e security

You can unlock your A20e with your fingerprint or facial recognition. As standard, Samsung Knox also keeps your phone safe with multi-layered protection. 

Samsung Galaxy A20e availability

Released in 2019, the A20e is still available from the following networks:

  • Three

  • EE

  • O2

  • iD mobile

  • Tesco mobile

  • Vodafone

What are the best Samsung A20e UK deals?

When it comes to sniffing out the best deal, keep all of the following in mind:

  • Contract length

The standard mobile contract lasts 24-months and most networks hold you to that. If that’s far too long for you though, consider O2 or Tesco Mobile where you can opt to have a plan of just about any length you can think of. This may cost a little more in the long run, but that may well be a price worth paying if you don’t plan to be in the UK in two years.  

  • Data bundle

Data allowances come in all shapes and sizes, from a mere 500MB to unlimited. One thing about data packages is that you can usually very easily increase your allowance but can’t shrink them without paying a fee or two. If you’re not sure how much data you need, start with a safe amount like 2GB and then increase it if you feel it’s not enough. Do make sure to make this change, though, because simply paying for an extra data add-on each month can quickly become expensive. You can also look into data rollover, the best network for that is currently Sky Mobile.

  • Add-on perks

Things like entertainment apps can make or break a great mobile deal. Sure, you may have found a sweet deal with Tesco Mobile, but if you can get the same phone from Vodafone with the addition of a free year’s worth of Netflix, you’ve just saved yourself a bundle on entertainment. 

  • International roaming

If you’re a frequent traveller, then roaming can save you a lot of time and money. Almost all networks will give you free roaming within the EU, but if you often roam further than this, see what networks will cover you. By having roaming as part of your plan, you can use your phone for a fraction of the cost and none of the stress compared to finding and setting up a local SIM. 

  • Network reliability 

With the emergence of 5G, this has become crucial. The A20e doesn’t support 5G so it’s not so much of an issue, but if you live in a rural area, you may also want to check for mobile coverage on 3G and 4G with your network of choice. 

What is the Samsung A20e price?

The A20e comes in at different price points depending on where you buy, but you won’t be needing to pay more than £200. That’s incredible value for a Samsung brand device. 

Samsung Galaxy A20e contract deals on pay monthly

Pay monthly plans vary in price depending on your data allowances and any extras but it can come in as cheap as £20 a month with no upfront cost. This makes it one of the most affordable yet most capable smartphones around. 

Samsung Galaxy A20e SIM-free/pay as you go

The A20e is a great candidate for pay as you go, as it’s very affordable to buy outright, and even more so as a refurbished unit from networks like giffgaff. Combine this with a great pay as you go deal from a network like VOXI or SMARTY, and you have a low-cost way to enjoy some great tech. 

Frequently Asked Questions:  Samsung Galaxy A20e Deals

Does the Samsung Galaxy A20e support fast charging?

Yes, you can use 15W fast charging, which is a step up from the A10 which didn’t support this feature. 

Does the Samsung Galaxy A20e SIM free cost more than the A20?

No, generally it shouldn’t as it is a smaller phone with less battery power. That said, it’s also the newer phone and the option to buy an A20 at all may not even be possible with most networks as they choose to stock the A20e instead. Expect to find the A20e at around £150, and the A20 at similar or lower as a refurbished phone. In both cases, you shouldn’t be paying more than £200. This is, after all, a budget phone. 

Is the Samsung A20e waterproof?

No, not officially at least. Phones that are water-resistant are given an IP rating, a sort of guarantee that they can withstand water and dust ingress. Most modern phones such as the iPhone 11 will boast IP68, that means you can drop it in relatively deep water for almost 30-minutes and still be able to salvage it. The A series doesn’t have any IP rating. That’s not to say your phone will be destroyed by a walk in the rain, but you certainly shouldn’t be placing it on the side of the bath or next to the kitchen sink and expect to get away with it.  

Does the A20e support 5G?

No, the A20e doesn’t support 5G, but several A series phones do, including:

  • Samsung A51 5G

  • Samsung A71 5G

  • Samsung A90 5G

Considering how 5G compatibility is seen as something as a luxury as it is yet to become standard, the A series is being pretty innovative in already introducing it to more affordable devices – even the Samsung S10 charges extra for its 5G model.