Tesco Mobile deals

Tesco Mobile has been offering affordable deals on phone plans for around fifteen years now. With both Tesco SIM-only and Tesco phone deals on iPhones and Samsung options (among others) up for grabs, you’ll be sure to find one that suits your needs.

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Tesco Mobile deals on pay monthly

Tesco Mobile deals differ depending on the handset, however the lowest one starts at 500MB of data a month and goes up to 50GB for the maximum. All the plans come with 5000 minutes and 50000 texts a month, so it really depends on how much you browse the Internet on your device. 

Flexible options allow you to change your plan around to suit your budget, needs or whatever else life might throw at you. This allows for lots of freedom and more flexibility than some providers offer. 

Tesco Mobile pay monthly contract lengths

To help lower the monthly cost of a new device, Tesco Mobile offers contracts up to 36 months, meaning you can get a new phone sooner without feeling too much of a monthly pinch. 

It also runs a tariff promise, where the price you sign onto at the beginning of your contract will stay the same throughout, regardless of price increases. Considering even major networks like Vodafone can’t make this promise, you might want to leap on this opportunity. 

Upgrading a Tesco mobile on a monthly contract

So long as you ensure you’re on one of the upgradable plans when you sign up, you’ll be able to upgrade before the end of your contract. Otherwise, you may have to pay a fee. 

Tesco SIM-only deals

Whether you’re after a rolling monthly contract or a long-term plan, Tesco SIM-only deals cover them both. As with other companies though, the longer you commit, the cheaper and better value deal you get. Starting at around 100MB with 100 minutes and 5000 texts for those on a budget and going up to 50GB of data with 5000 minutes and texts, there’s something to suit everyone.

If you’re after pay as you go, you’ll be able to keep an eye on your spending without being locked into a contract. The Tesco Mobile phone app makes it easy to top-up your allowance by adding credit whenever you need, while also keeping an eye on your usage.

Pay as you go Tesco phone deals

For those who would prefer to buy their Tesco phone outright and avoid being locked into any contracts, Tesco Mobile also has a range of competitive options. Top models from both Apple and Android are available, as well as older models and more budget-friendly options.

As with any mobile provider, though, the top premium phones are exclusively on pay monthly plans. So something like the iPhone 11 or Samsung Galaxy S10 won’t be a pay as you go option. 

Tesco Mobile’s 4G coverage

Tesco Mobile runs off the O2 network, meaning its coverage reaches over 99% of the UK’s population. High speed 4G connections are also available at no extra cost. You can use the Tesco Mobile coverage checker to make sure you can get a strong signal at all the places you spend the most time at, like work, school and especially at home.

Does Tesco Mobile offer 5G?

Not all Tesco Mobile plans come with 5G, however if this is something you’re interested in, Tesco is currently expanding its network to offer it in more cities. To use 5G you’ll need a 5G phone, a Tesco 5G SIM and to be on an applicable plan. 

5G is designed to be more reliable than its predecessors, offering faster download and upload speeds (approximately 10x faster than 4G) with less lag, due to be able to handle more data. It’s also designed to support more connections, which means if you’re in a busy city or high-traffic area, your connection is less likely to drop out.

Tesco Mobile Roaming: Home From Home

Tesco Mobile allows you to use your monthly allowance at no extra cost through 48 countries in Europe and beyond, giving you one less thing to organise when travelling.

Home From Home allows you to use your data as normal, as well as call and text and receive calls and texts from anyone in the UK or in a Home From Home destination. If you go over your monthly allowance, you’ll only be charged regular rates as well, with no hidden fees. 

There is one catch though, which is pretty consistent across most UK phone companies - you’ll need to spend more time in the UK than you do abroad, otherwise it’ll enact its fair use policy and add on a surcharge. It’ll contact you before this happens though to let you know what your options are.

Tesco Mobile upgrades

Tesco Mobile offers a range of different accounts, two of them being the Anytime Upgrade and the Anytime Upgrade Flex. With both these accounts, if you ever want to upgrade your phone before your contract is up, you’ll only have to pay off the remaining balance you owe on the handset. If your plan doesn’t fall under one of these accounts, you will have to pay a fee for wanting to upgrade before the end of your contract.

Tesco trade-in

If you’re after a bit of a discount on your new handset, Tesco Mobile Trade-In and Trade-Up will lower the price of your new phone when you trade in your old device. There’s also the option to get cash for your old phone. Whichever option you choose, you’ll get paid the same day the phone is traded in. 

Tesco Mobile customer service

If you need help with Tesco Mobile, it has a range of options available. 

  • From a Tesco mobile: 1749 

  • From other phones: (0)89 420 0000 

  • Online chat: 8am-8pm Monday to Friday

You can also email via the website. And there’s an online help centre available, where some of its commonly asked questions have been addressed.

Tesco Mobile customer service reviews

 If you’re wondering what Tesco Mobile’s customer service reviews are like, It’s worth noting that its customer service is award-winning and based in the UK. So if reliable assistance is important to you, it's definitely a phone company worth considering.

An added bonus is it had the lowest number of complaints among any UK mobile network for the last five consecutive years according to Ofcom, meaning you might not find yourself contacting customer service all that often.

Tesco Mobile capped contracts

For those on a budget, giving a phone to a teenager or simply not wanting to go over their limit, Tesco Mobile capped contracts might be the option for you. This means you can set a maximum spending amount for the month, and can rest assured your bill will never exceed that amount. If you do reach the capped amount though before your billing cycle is up, your phone services will turn off unless you choose to raise the limit.

Frequently asked questions

What is Tesco Mobile Xtras?

Want to save a little extra money each month? Tesco Mobile Xtras app allows you to do just that, by watching adverts every time you unlock your android phone. If that’s something that doesn’t bother you, you can save up to £3 a month on your phone bill. That means Tesco Mobile Xtras, combined with points from your Tesco Clubcard can make a significant reduction on your overall bill.

Enabling ads every time you unlock your phone will drain on average 4% of your total mobile battery life as well, which is worth noting if you’re using an older handset.

Do Tesco Mobile have an app?

Yes. Available on both the App Store and Google Play, Tesco Mobile’s app makes it easy to manage your mobile account, wherever you are. You can check on your usage, manage your spending, buy bundles and even enter a monthly prize draw for £100 of Tesco vouchers. All you need to do is log in.

Can I use my Tesco Clubcard with Tesco Mobile?

If you’re a Tesco Clubcard holder, we’ve got some good news for you. You can use your Tesco Clubcard points towards your phone deal, saving you money. Whatever the balance is on your Clubcard, you can get double the value on a Tesco Mobile deal. That means if you have £5 on your card, you’ll get £10 off your phone plan.

Everything you spend with Tesco Mobile goes back onto your Clubcard as well, just like your weekly shop. So you can be saving money and spending money at the same time.

Can I keep my number with Tesco Mobile?

Yes, Tesco Mobile has a simple procedure in place for those wanting to swap over to one of its mobile plans, but keep their number from a previous provider. All you need is your PAC code, which you can get by calling your current network provider, which you then give to Tesco Mobile when you get your new contract. Tesco makes sure your old number transfers across and is ready to go.

What is Tesco Mobile Protect?

If you’re someone who has a habit of breaking their phone, Tesco Mobile Protect might be a good add-on for you. Tesco Mobile’s answer to phone insurance means that, for an extra fee on top of your monthly bill, you’ll be covered if your phone is lost, stolen or damaged, anywhere around the world. 

If you’re in the UK, Tesco will even post one out to you the next day, so you won’t be phone-less for long. The longer you have the same handset and the longer you’ve had Tesco Mobile Protect covering it, the cheaper it’ll get, as your device reduces in value over time.

Does Tesco Mobile allow data rollover?

Tesco Mobile doesn’t currently offer any data rollover options, meaning whatever you have left at the end of the month is lost. As it offers flexible plan options though, if you’re left with loads of data at the end of the month, you may want to downgrade and choose a plan with less data for a lower cost.

Are there any Tesco Mobile offers for families?

Tesco Mobile lets you create one account for multiple family members, meaning you don’t need to have separate bills for everyone. This is great if you’ve got kids or you’re helping your grandparents manage their mobiles. 

As an added incentive to get the whole family on Tesco Mobile, for each new member you add, everyone gets to pick a perk. Perks include things like extra minutes, extra Clubcard points and discounts on your monthly bill, so it’s definitely a win-win.

Tesco Mobile also runs a referral rewards scheme, where if you refer a friend you’ll get £20 off your bill. 

Does Tesco Mobile do credit checks?

Yes, like other phone companies, Tesco Mobile will run a credit check on you before allowing you to sign up for any of its long-term contracts. However, pay as you go options don’t require a credit check.