EE deals

EE is the biggest mobile network in the UK. Owned by BT, EE not only provides great coverage and speeds for its own customers but also lends its extensive infrastructure to many smaller providers.

EE SIM card

Contract length

EE SIM card

Contract length

EE SIM card

Contract length

Product nameContract lengthMinutesTextsDataMonthly cost
EE SIM card12 monthsUnlimitedUnlimited10GB£10 /month
EE SIM card12 monthsUnlimitedUnlimited25GB£15 /month
EE SIM card12 monthsUnlimitedUnlimited3GB£19 /month

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EE phone deals

As you would expect from the biggest mobile network, EE (which stands for Everything Everywhere) offers a premium range of phones. You can expect the likes of Apple, Samsung, Sony and Google handsets available, as well as more affordable models from Motorola, LG and Xiaomi. 

Phones are often offered in a full range of available colours and storage options, and EE supports pre-orders on new models. There are also refurbished models sometimes available, making for an affordable way to get your hands on older but still premium brands such as iPhone.

EE phones pay monthly

As with most providers, EE’s most premium phones are offered on a pay monthly basis. There’s a range of plans available on your choice of handset though all last for 24 months and fall into one of two categories:

Essential plans

Essential plans have lower data caps and lower prices overall. You can still take advantage of EE’s market-leading 4G and 5G technology (there is a decent coverage checker on its site to see if you can get 5G) and minutes and texts are unlimited. Roaming in almost 50 countries in the EU is also covered and, where possible, this will also be at 5G speed. 

Smart plans

EE offers Smart plans for 4G and 5G devices which let you add a little extra perk to your plan that you can swap in and out whenever you fancy a change. The current extras on offer are:

  • Apple Music 

  • Apple TV+ (iPhone only)

  • Apple Arcade (iPhone only)

  • BritBox

  • Amazon Prime Video

  • Data-free music streaming

  • Data-free gaming

  • BT Sport app

  • Go Further roaming

You will also be able to upgrade at any time on these plans and data, calls and texts are unlimited, extending to 48 EU locations. 

Depending on the value of your plan, you may need to pay an upfront cost on your device as well.

EE pay as you go phones

PAYG phones on EE are, like with most providers, limited in terms of premium brands. You can still find some Galaxy models and older Huawei devices but the very latest Samsung handsets or iPhones are kept on pay monthly contracts. 

All PAYG phones must be purchased with a pack, i.e. a monthly plan. The SIM card itself is completely free to order at any time, then you can just activate your pack of choice. All but the very cheapest pack, which limits minutes, come with unlimited calls and texts, and a range of data options from 4GB – 60GB. All packs last 30 days and feature data rollover. Packs will end after the month but you can set recurring payments so they automatically renew.

EE SIM-only deals

SIM-only deals on EE come as pay monthly and pay as you go options.

Pay monthly SIMs:

  • 12 and 18-month plans

  • 4G and 5G options

  • Unlimited texts and minutes

  • Free Apple Music trial

  • Data caps to prevent over-usage

  • Unlimited data options available

  • Eligible for swappable benefits 

Pay as you go SIMS:

  • Four options for 4GB, 8GB, 15GB or 60GB of data

  • Unlimited calls and texts (not for 4GB option)

  • Data rollover

  • Free data boosts

  • No contract

  • Other EE tech

EE also offers tablets and wearables in the form of the Apple Watch. Smart home devices are also available from the provider, including:

  • Smart speakers

  • Smart heating

  • Smart lighting & power

  • Smart monitoring & security

Pay monthly customers can add smart home devices to their plan to be paid off over 11 months.

Mobile broadband is also offered by EE, along with a range of mobile routers that let you take your connection anywhere. You can purchase these plans as a PAYG or pay monthly model and 5G mobile routers are available. 

EE customer perks

In keeping with the trend of the biggest suppliers, EE also offers perks to its customers. 

Pay monthly benefits

As well as the swappable perks for those on a Smart plan, pay monthly customers can also enjoy:

  • Data gifting: share your data across the family devices

  • WiFi calling: call and text wherever you can get WiFi

  • Data caps: cap your usage to avoid overspending

  • EE lifetime guarantee

  • Annual MOT for your device

  • Free Service Packs to maintain your phone

  • Pay as You Go Perks

  • Free 500Mb of ‘data boost’ every month if you order the same pack three months in a row

  • Data rollover

  • Referral scheme

  • EE deals and speeds

EE takes pride in its 4G offering, which it claims to be the fastest in the UK. While it has carved a niche for itself when it comes to 4G deals, you should be sure that you know what to expect.

What is EE 4G?

EE 4G speeds are, on average, 10Mbps. That’s about as fast as your basic home broadband package, which may not seem too impressive until you consider that you can essentially transport these speeds anywhere. 

You shouldn’t expect your mobile broadband to better your home broadband. But considering EE 4G can hit speeds of 40Mbps (OpenSignal’s survey reported 29Mbps) it’s a very impressive offering. Check your EE coverage to see what sort of performance you can expect.

What about EE 5G?

EE is currently developing its 5G network and is currently the leading provider of 5G connection in the UK. You can check this on the EE coverage checker, and as the network is growing, your town may soon be covered.

EE mobile deals and home broadband

We’ve already written a handy review on EE home broadband. But if you’re looking to become a mobile customer, there are some great deals to help you get your home connected too.

Currently, EE’s home broadband deals offer extra 5G mobile data on your plan if you are also a pay monthly customer. Add to that the option to add BT Sport and Apple+ TV and you could have all your entertainment and communication needs sorted.

EE upgrade deals

You can upgrade for free if you’re within the last 100 days of your contract and your new device is worth more. Otherwise, you can upgrade once your contract is complete. If you have selected a 24-month 4GEE Max Plan, you will also be eligible for a yearly upgrade free of charge so long as you are changing to a 24-month plan of higher value.

EE also lets customers trade in phones and you have the option to make your plan SIM-only when you complete your handset contract. 

EE mobile deals and entertainment

Other perks that EE offers include same-day delivery on many of its products, as well as help to set it up upon delivery. There are also entertainment options you can add onto your pay monthly plan, even if you don’t have them activated as swappables. Choose from:

  • Britbox

  • Apple TV+ (iPhone only)

  • Apple Arcade (iPhone only)

  • Apple Music

  • BT Sport

  • Prime Video

  • Apple Music

EE covers the data use, or offers other incentives for different periods on each of these perks, so it’s a great way to add some entertainment to your plans, especially if you are already combining home broadband and mobile.

Is EE right for me?

EE offers a very respectable range of top-spec phones and a good number of ways to keep them connected. Pay as you go plans still let you take advantage of several perks and entertainment offers make for nice additions. You can also get your home broadband covered at the same time. 

EE’s perks may not be seen as such a ‘treat’ as say, O2 that offers more ‘real world’ discounts. But you’ll be on the fastest mobile speeds in the country, and ahead of the crowd when it comes to 5G. If speedy and efficient mobile performance is what you’re after EE may be a good pick.

Last updated: 22 December 2020