iPhone XS Max deals

If you’re on the hunt for a cheap mobile phone deal but still want to enjoy the top-tier touch that comes with Apple’s iconic products, the Apple iPhone XS Max might be for you.

iPhone XS Max deals

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iPhone XS Max: About the hardware

The iPhone XS Max was released as part of the iPhone X family in 2018. It is the larger version of the iPhone XS.

iPhone XS Max key features

  • 6.5 inch super retina HD display

  • Glass and stainless steel design

  • Three colours

  • 12MP dual rear cameras

  • 7MP front camera

  • 1080p HD recording at 60fps

  • Face ID

  • Water-resistant up to two meters for 30 minutes

  • Smart HDR

  • 64GB/256GB/512GB storage

  • Apple Pay

The iPhone XS Max vs the XR

The XS and the XR are very nearly the same phone in terms of specs but, as the XR hasn’t been discontinued, you may find it easier to get hold of. 

iPhone XS Max storage

The iPhone XS Max comes with three storage options: 64GB, 256GB and 512GB. 64GB is on the more limited side if you don’t use cloud storage, while the 256GB option should be more than enough for most users. 512GB is a generous offering, and you might want to jump on it if you see it offered at a good price. Keep in mind that iPhones don’t use SD cards so you can’t increase your storage. 

 How much memory does my iPhone XS Max need?

64GB is ideal for casual users who:

  • Use cloud storage

  • Don’t store much direct on their phone

  • Stream music and video rather than download them

  • Don't use heavy apps

256GB is a great choice for almost any other type of user, especially those who:

  • Store some music and videos on the phone

  • Use cloud storage as secondary backup

  • Play mobile games

512GB is a very generous amount of space and ideal if you:

  • Run big/heavy apps

  • Save media directly on your phone

iPhone XS Max battery

The iPhone XS Max battery is said to last 1.5 hours longer than that of the iPhone X, which is a pretty big boost. Either phone should be able to get you comfortably through the day on a single charge.

iPhone XS Max colours

The iPhone XS Max shares the same colour options as the XS:

  • Silver

  • Space grey

  • Gold

If you want some bolder and more varied options, this is another area where the XR is a good alternative. 

iPhone XS Max camera specs

The iPhone XS Max comes with:

  • 12MP wide-angle

  • 12MP telephoto

  • 7MP front camera

Added features ensure you can create excellent images:

  • Dual optical image stabilisation

  • 2x optical zoom in

  • True tone flash

  • Portrait mode

  • Six portrait lighting effects

  • Smart HDR

  • Slow-motion filming

iPhone XS Max security

The iPhone XS Max doesn’t include fingerprint touch ID but it does use Face ID which lets you unlock with a glance. 

iPhone XS Max availability

With the exception of the iPhone XR, the entire iPhone X family has been discontinued. However, there are still XS and XS Max offers around so be sure to look out for them.

What are the best iPhone XS Max deals?

As with any new phone deal, you should consider the following when hunting down an iPhone XS Max deal:

  • Contract length 

  • Price changes (many providers adjust for inflation each year)

  • Tariff flexibility 

  • Ease of upgrade

  • Customer perks

  • Entertainment deals

  • Service bundles like home broadband 

  • Roaming coverage

iPhone XS Max price

For a brand new handset alone you can look to be paying around £600-700. Refurbished phones will knock around £100 off that price. The iPhone XS and Max have both been discontinued which can make them hard to find.

iPhone XS Max contract deals on pay monthly

Pay monthly plans for the iPhone XS Max are very hard to find, though the same cannot be said for the XS standard which is offered by all the of the main high street names:

  • Vodafone

  • EE

  • O2

  • Three

See our iPhone XR deals page to see the sorts of prices you can expect to pay if you opt for that instead. Again, if your main draw to the XS Max is its screen, the XR has a similar screen as is more readily available. 

iPhone XS Max refurbished

This is the only real option you may have when looking for an iPhone XS Max. Keep a keen eye on networks like giffgaff, as older phones are sent in all the time and you might get lucky. The other major providers only offer ‘like new’ phones i.e. models much more recent than the XS Max. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What about the iPhone X and XS?

The iPhone X is just as hard to locate as the XS Max, but the XS is still quite easy to find. If you really want a model from this generation of iPhone then realistically you may have to pick between the XS and XR.

Why is the iPhone XS discontinued?

If a phone is discontinued, it means Apple no longer makes it. This is to make way for new models – no business can keep making older models, they have to focus on new releases. Usually, even discontinued phones will be available for a year or so after, but once these are all gone, there won’t be any additional stock of that model. 

What about the iPhone SE?

The iPhone SE is a recent release that aims to be more affordable than the iPhone 11. Prices for a handset-only iPhone SE actually come in lower than for the older iPhone XS, though the specs are a bit less impressive. Still, if your main goal is to get a cheap iPhone, it’s an excellent choice.