You can find the right insurance for your Sony Xperia Z5 by thinking about:

  • What cover you need

  • How much you want to pay

This comparison only shows policies that cover the Sony Xperia Z5. If you have another make or model, you can compare insurance here.

Get the cover you need

Different insurers offer varying types of cover, so think about what protection you want for your Xperia:

  • Accidental damage: This covers damage caused by things like dropping your phone or breaking the touchscreen.

  • Theft: This covers you if your phone is stolen, although you should check if non-forcible theft is covered, e.g. pickpocketing.

  • E-wallet cover: This protects you against unauthorised Android payments if your Xperia is lost or stolen.

  • Liquid damage: This covers your smartphone if it suffers water damage, for example if your phone gets wet and the SD port stops working.

  • Lost data: This covers the cost of replacing music, games, or apps you have paid for. It does not cover photos or contacts, so make sure you backup your data.

Think about cost

Use this comparison to get the right cover for the best price, by considering:

  1. Monthly cost, which is how much you pay for the policy

  2. Excess, which is how much you pay each time you claim

You can usually save on your monthly cost by choosing a larger excess, but you should make sure you can afford to pay the higher amount towards any claims you make.

Sony Xperia Z5 insurance FAQs


Will I pay a higher excess with a Sony Xperia Z5 policy?


It often depends on the value of your phone, so you may find that your excess is higher for newer models of smartphone.


Can I insure more than one mobile on my policy?


Yes, you can take out multi mobile phone insurance and cover several devices under one policy. You can compare multi device insurance here.


Will my phone accessories be covered?


Yes, although this is usually limited to 150. Check your policy for full details.


Will my phone be covered abroad?


Yes, but check to see if there is a limit on the time spent abroad. For example, some policies only cover 30 consecutive days.


Can I claim if I lose my phone?


It depends on the circumstances, and some insurers do not cover loss unless you pay extra to add it. Check the terms of cover before you buy a policy.