You should think about insuring your LG G5 if:

  • You pay monthly, and are tied into your contract even if your phone is lost or stolen

  • You could not afford to replace your LG G5, which could be as much as 520

This comparison only shows policies that cover the LG G5, but you can compare all mobile phone insurance here if you have another model of smartphone.

Why get mobile phone insurance?

You may already have cover for your mobile elsewhere, like your home insurance, but there are benefits to a dedicated mobile phone insurance policy:

  1. 1.

    Low excess: This is usually between 25 and 75, which is much lower than home insurance excesses which are around 200.

  2. 2.

    Worldwide cover: This covers your LG G5 for at least 30 consecutive days abroad, with the option to extend this up to 180 days.

  3. 3.

    Fast replacement service: This provides a replacement phone, typically within 48 hours, if your G5 is lost or damaged.

  4. 4.

    Extra cover: This usually includes accidental damage, liquid damage, and unauthorised use if your phone is lost or stolen.

You can read more about the benefits of mobile phone insurance here.

How to find the best cover

You can use this comparison to find the best cover for you, by looking at:

  • Maximum cover: Make sure this covers the replacement cost of your LG G5

  • Cover options: Make sure this includes the cover you need to protect your phone, as things like loss or theft are not always automatically included

  • Number of claims: Some insurers pay unlimited claims, which could be useful if you are prone to breaking your phone

Other ways to get cover for your LG G5

Home insurance

You could choose to cover your LG G5 as part of your contents insurance. You could contact your provider to add mobile phone cover to your existing policy, or wait until it is time to renew your policy.

Adding personal possessions to your home insurance will usually mean you can choose cover items such as laptops and jewellery, as well as mobile phones. Some policies will even cover these items when they are outside your home or when you are abroad.

Covering mobile phones through your home insurance may be lower value than a dedicated policy, though. You will have to pay a much higher excess than you would with dedicated mobile phone insurance, plus any claims you make could increase the cost of future home insurance policies.

You can find out more about home insurance here.



Is it more expensive to insure my LG G5?


Newer models of smartphone are usually more expensive to insure, but you can use this comparison to find the cheapest deal.


Will I be covered if my phone is stolen without force?


Some insurers only cover theft if your phone is taken by force, so pickpocketing may not be covered. Check the terms of the policy to be sure.


Can I claim for lost data?


Yes, if it is data you have paid for, like music or apps. You cannot claim for lost photos or contacts, so you should always backup your phone data.


Will I pay a higher excess to claim for my LG G5?


You may, because mobile phone excesses are often graded based on the value of the phone. Check the excess of each policy using this comparison.