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Compare insurance policies that could pay out if your iPhone gets lost, damaged or stolen, so you’re never without a phone for long.

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Arma Karma Mobile Phone Insurance
Policy details
Maximum cover: £1,500, Excess: from £75
Cover includes
Accidental damage, theft & loss
iPhone 11 (64GB)
Monthly: £5.99
iPhone 12 (64GB)
Monthly: £6.99
Other iPhone models covered?
Arma Karma Mobile Phone Insurance
Get instant and affordable cover from multi award-nominated insurtech, Arma Karma. Our flexible monthly insurance subscription lets you update and cancel at anytime with no fees, as well as discounts for a multi-item policy. Rated excellent on TrustPilot.
1 month FREE for annual policy; 24-72 hours claims; Defaqto 5
SO-SURE Mobile Phone Insurance
Policy details
Maximum cover: £2,000, Excess: from £25
Cover includes
Accidental damage, theft & loss
iPhone 11 (64GB)
Monthly: £6.09 Yearly: £66.99
iPhone 12 (64GB)
Monthly: £6.89 Yearly: £75.79
Other iPhone models covered?
SO-SURE Mobile Phone Insurance
Defaqto 5* rated & 4.3/5 on Trustpilot. Next working day replacement for loss & theft. 72 hr repair for breakdown & damage incl. unlimited cracked screens. Up to 80% no claims cash back. Get 1 month FREE when you pay yearly.

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What is iPhone insurance?

iPhone insurance is the same as standard mobile phone insurance but usually comes with extra cover that provides specific protection for iPhones.

What extra cover is included?

The following additional options are often included with iPhone insurance deals:

  • E-wallet cover: this covers you if your Apple Pay service is used when your iPhone is lost or stolen. It’s usually limited to £500 and may only apply during the first 24 hours after discovering the loss or theft of your phone

  • Bundle options: most iPhone insurance policies come with discounted options to cover other Apple items alongside your iPhone, including your iPad or MacBook, which could be useful if your family owns lots of Apple gadgets

  • Data backup: some insurers include online platforms to back up your photos or contact information. Storage may be limited, and you may have to start paying extra after a set period of time – for example, after three months

Here’s more information about what’s covered by mobile phone insurance policies.

Do I need specialist insurance for my iPhone?

If you want tailored protection for your iPhone and can’t afford to replace your current model should it be lost or damaged, it could be a good idea.

Newer iPhone models cost more than £600 to buy outright, and most iPhone policies include higher cover limits to reflect that premium. They also offer additional benefits, such as allowing you to use a local Apple store to get your phone repaired quickly if it’s damaged.

Does cover start immediately?

Some policies offer cover that starts immediately, but you should check the terms and conditions to make sure you can claim straight away if you need to.

For example, some insurers exclude all claims made in the first two to three weeks of your policy. If your phone is lost, damaged or stolen during this time, your cover won’t pay out, and you must cover the cost of a replacement phone yourself.

How to make a claim on your mobile phone insurance

Other ways to get cover for your iPhone

Home insurance

You may be able to cover your iPhone as part of your home contents insurance. This can be included when you next renew your policy, or you could contact your provider to add mobile phone cover to your existing policy.

Adding personal possessions to your home insurance usually allows you to cover items like mobile phones, laptops and jewellery, even when they’re outside the home. Some providers may even cover you abroad.

Covering mobile phones through your home insurance may leave you with worse cover than a dedicated policy, though. You’ll have to pay a much higher excess than you would with dedicated mobile phone insurance, plus any claims you make could increase the cost of your home insurance in the future.

Find out more about home insurance here

How to choose cheap iPhone insurance

As with all insurance policies, don’t automatically go for the cheapest quote – make sure the iPhone insurance quotes that you’re considering include all the cover you need with an excess you can afford if you need to make a claim. Once you’ve found policies that meet your criteria, plump for the most wallet-friendly option.

Use our comparison to find the right insurance at the best price.

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By comparing mobile phone insurance you could save money on the policy. The best value mobile phone insurance will offer you the cover you need, at a price you can afford. Choose a cover plan from the best UK insurance companies and see the online discounts they offer.

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