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Put in your details to compare policies, then choose the deal from our results table that best suits your lifestyle and the needs of you or your family.


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Tell your provider how much cover you will need. The cheapest policy will not always be the best, so start by adding in or removing any optional extras you think are important.


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Your life insurance will start after the application is accepted, or select an alternative provider to compare quotes if rejected.

What is child life insurance?

Life insurance for children pays out if your child dies or is diagnosed with a serious illness or condition during the policy’s term. In this situation, the insurance money can help with the cost of running your home if you have to give up work to care for your child. 

Although it doesn’t specifically cover medical bills, you could also spend the payment on treatment. And if the worst happens, you could use the cash to pay for a funeral.

What kind of life insurance for children can I get?

The most common type is known as rider insurance, which is the process of adding your children to your own life insurance. Sometimes, you can also add critical illness cover to the policy.

Another option is term life insurance, whereby you pay a monthly premium to cover your child for a set period (around five to 10 years), or until they reach adulthood. If your child dies during the term, you can make a claim on the insurance. Term life insurance might be suitable if your child is too old to be added to your policy.

The final option is a dedicated life assurance policy for your child, which stays with them until adulthood and gives them cover throughout their life even if they develop medical conditions later. This is sometimes called baby insurance or baby life insurance. It is expensive and can be hard to find.

Does my child need their own child life insurance policy?

It’s not the norm to get insurance just for children. Usually, parents get insurance for themselves and add their kids to that policy.

How much can I claim on a life-insurance-for-children plan?

There’s usually a limit on how much you can claim, as well as a restriction on the child’s age and the critical illnesses that are covered. Read your policy documents carefully to see what the limits are.

How do I choose the best life insurance for children?

Ask yourself the following questions, then compare quotes to find a policy that covers your needs for a good price:

  • Who do I want to cover? You can get cover for yourself or for you and your partner, then add your children to your policy

  • What size payout do I want? You get two payouts with child life insurance – the first is for you, or for you and your partner, while the second is for each child

  • How long do I want the policy? Your options vary depending on which insurer you choose and become more limited with age

  • Is my child eligible? Providers usually attach age restrictions, such as 21 years and under

Here’s how life insurance works

How much does a child life insurance plan cost?

The price is based on several factors, which include:

  • your age and your child’s age

  • how much cover you want

  • how long you want the policy to last 

  • your medical history

Here’s how to cut the cost of life insurance

What are the alternatives to child life insurance?

If you want to help your children in the event of something happening to you, you don’t need a child life insurance policy. Instead, try setting up a policy in trust, so they get the money when they’re old enough. 

Alternatively, some insurers offer a family income benefit that can help your family pay for monthly outgoings when you die.

Here’s how to choose the right life insurance policy

Child life insurance FAQs

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