If you let a furnished property, landlord insurance can give you valuable protection if your contents are damaged or stolen.

Items like carpets and curtains can be expensive to replace, so you may need cover even if there is no furniture in your property.

You can also get landlord insurance that covers your building, landlord liability and your rental income. Here is how to choose the right landlord insurance.

What counts as contents?

Your contents include anything you have put into the property that could be taken out of the house if it were sold, including:

  • Furniture

  • Kitchen appliances, like cookers or fridges

  • Curtains or blinds

  • Light fixtures

  • Carpets or rugs

  • Paintings or pictures

Even if your property is unfurnished, contents insurance can also cover the cost of replacing fitted kitchen appliances or light fittings.

Why do you need contents cover?

Replacing the contents of your let property can be expensive and landlord contents insurance can protect you against:

  • Property damage: This covers replacing contents damaged by unexpected events at your property, like fire or flood.

  • Accidental damage: This covers things like furniture or crockery breakages, or spills on furnishings and carpets.

  • Theft: This covers contents stolen during a burglary, not theft by your tenants. Some insurers let you add theft by tenants for an extra cost, but your excess may be higher.

Most landlord insurance policies let you add malicious damage by tenants to your policy, but they may charge extra for this. You may also have to prove you have carried out tenant referencing and credit checks.

Use this comparison to get quotes from insurers who can offer the cover you need.

Landlord contents insurance FAQs


Do I need contents insurance if my property is unfurnished?


You may need a small amount of cover for things like light fixtures and fitted kitchen appliances. Here is how to check if you need contents insurance here.


Do I need to cover my tenants' contents?


No, your tenants are responsible for insuring their own belongings. They can compare contents only home insurance here.


Can I claim if my tenants steal from my property?


Most insurers do not cover theft by tenants, but you may be able to add this to your policy for an extra cost. Check the terms of the policy before you buy.


Can I cover accidental damage to my contents?


Yes, but you may have to pay extra to include accidental damage cover. Use this comparison to find policies that automatically include accidental damage.


How do I make a claim?


Call your insurer as soon as possible on their claims number, which is in your policy documents. Here is more about how to make a claim.


How does new for old cover work?


If you claim for an item that cannot be repaired, your insurer will pay the value in full or replace it with an equivalent item if it is no longer available.

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