Switch to a better deal

To check if you could pay less for your landline. You should look for:

  • The cheapest plan: Compare the total monthly cost of each deal to find the cheapest package.

  • Inclusive calls: Think about the calls you make most, e.g. evening and weekend calls, or calls to mobiles.

  • The lowest call rates: This is how much you pay per minute for calls not included in your package for free.

Check your existing contract to see if you can switch. If you have a fixed contract, you may be charged a cancellation fee or pay your remaining monthly payments.

Get a bundle

You could save money by combining your landline with your entertainment services. You can tailor most entertainment bundles to include:

  • Landline

  • Broadband

  • Digital TV

  • Mobile phone

If you already pay separately for your broadband and TV services, you could save money by getting a deal that includes a landline. You can find broadband, phone and TV packages on our comparison.

Check your bill

Checking your phone bill can help you understand how often you use your landline, so you can find the deal that is right for you.

For example, if you use your phone mainly at weekends you can look for packages that include free weekend calls.

Regularly reading your phone bill can also help you act quickly if you think your provider has overcharged you.

Check peak call times

Understanding the difference between peak and off-peak call times can help you save money on your landline bill:

  • Peak is the time of day when calls are most expensive. It varies between providers, but peak call time tends to be between 7am and 7pm.

  • Off-peak is the time of day when calls are cheapest. Off-peak hours usually fall between 7pm and 7am.

You can save money by making calls during off-peak hours but many providers include some peak calls in their tariffs for free, for example calls to other landlines.

Stay within your call limit

Check your call plan to find out what is included within the monthly price of your landline, and try to avoid making calls that fall outside this allowance.

If you have an unlimited package, your calls may only be free for the first 60 minutes. Hang up after the hour is up and redial to avoid being charged extra.

Calls to mobiles and international numbers tend to be expensive, so try to avoid them if you can or look for deals that includes some free calls abroad and to mobiles.

Pay by direct debit

The cheapest way to pay for your landline package is by direct debit, with most providers offering a discount if you sign up to a monthly payment plan.

Speak to your phone company about their payment options and choose the one that saves you the most money on your package.

Get rid of your landline

If you rarely use your home phone, it may be time to consider getting rid of it altogether.

Check your mobile phone contract to see if your inclusive minutes are enough to replace your home phone.

Here is more information on whether you should get rid of your landline.