What is a landline?

It is a fixed phone line at your home. You pay a set monthly price, which usually includes some free calls to other UK landlines at certain times.

The two types of home phone you can get are:

  • Corded: Your phone line is connected to your phone socket and you can only move as far as the cord lets you.

  • Cordless: Your phone base is connected to your phone socket by a wire, but your handset is wireless so you can move around when you make and receive calls.

Do you need one?

It depends on your circumstances but you may need a landline if:

  • You want to get online: Most types of broadband require you to have a working landline, so you may need one to set up your internet.

  • You want a home phone: Most landline tariffs include some free calls to UK landlines. They also offer cheaper calls to premium rate and overseas numbers than mobiles.

How much do they cost?

The cost of your landline will be made up of two main charges:

  1. 1.

    Line rental: This is the fixed cost you pay to your supplier each month for the use of your phone line. This is usually around 18 a month.

  2. 2.

    Call rates: This is what you pay for calls not included in the monthly cost of your plan. Some calls are charged at a higher rate, for example calls to mobiles or abroad.

Calls to business and premium rate lines, like 0845 and 0870 numbers, may be charged at a higher rate. You can check the list of UK call charges on the GOV.UK website.

You may also have to pay other fees, for example a connection charge if you do not have a working phone line, so check with your provider before you sign up.

Compare as many tariffs as possible to get the service you need at the cheapest price.

What is peak and off peak?

This refers to times of day when calls are charged at different rates:

  • Peak calls are more expensive, and usually fall between 7am and 7pm

  • Off peak are cheaper, and usually fall between 7pm and 7am

You can save money on your phone bill by trying to make most of your calls during off peak hours. Here is more on how to save money with off peak calls.

How to choose your tariff

Think about what you want from your landline, and when you make most of your calls. You can choose from the following:

  • Evening and weekend calls include free calls to UK landlines

  • Anytime calls include unlimited calls to UK landlines any time of day

  • Mobile calls include free calls to mobile phones

  • International calls include free calls to overseas phone numbers

Combine your services in a bundle

If you use other digital services, you could save money by combining them with your landline. Most providers can offer the following in a bundle:

  • Home phone

  • Broadband

  • Mobile phone

  • Digital TV

If you need all four services, you can get a quad play bundle. You can find deals by using our quad play comparison.