Line rental is one of the main components of your monthly payment to your landline provider and reducing the cost can help you save money.

But what are cheap line rental landline deals? And how do you go about finding the cheapest line rental?

What are cheap line rental landline deals?

There are two main components to your monthly landline phone bill:

  • Line rental

  • Call charges

The line rental charge is a fee you pay to a landline provider for the provision of your telephone line. You'll always pay a line rental fee simply for the benefit of a landline phone being connected.

The cheapest deals will reduce the cost of this part of your phone bill. They can be useful if you use your home landline infrequently and your call charges are low.

Call charges, the other component that makes up your phone bill, are a variable cost and depend on the amount of calls that you make, what time of day you make them and whether you are making local, national or international calls.

What to look for when you undertake a phone line rental comparison

When you compare line rental deals it is important to take into account both the cost of the line rental and the call charges.

This is because the cheapest phone line rental deal may come with higher 'per minute' call charges, so may cost you more in total if you use your landline often.

Some landline rental deals also include inclusive calls.

For example, it's not unusual for a phone provider to offer a cheap telephone package that also offers unlimited evening and weekend calls. You may pay a slightly higher monthly charge for this, but it may offer better value to you than paying separate landline rental and call charges.

Look at a few months' phone bills and see when you most often use your landline phone.

Then simply find the cheapest phone package that suits - for instance one that includes free evening and weekend calls if that's when you use your phone most.

Always compare line rental deals in order to work out whether your monthly charge includes just the line rental or whether a call package is also included.

When you undertake a phone line rental comparison you should also establish how long you are committed to the phone provider. Most companies ask you to sign a 12 month contract which will tie you to their services for this period.

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