It is an insurance policy that can protect properties that are not of standard construction.

Properties that can be insured with a non standard policy include:

  • Thatched properties: These can be expensive to repair, and can suffer extensive fire damage so need specialist cover.

  • Houses with flat roofs: These are more likely to leak and suffer weather damage and can give thieves better access to your property, so not all insurers cover them.

  • Listed buildings: Most are over 100 years old and can be very expensive to repair using traditional materials and methods.

  • High net worth homes: Some insurers do not cover properties over a certain value, or with more than six bedrooms so you need a non standard policy.

  • Unusual construction properties: This includes steel or timber framed buildings, because they can be expensive to repair.

Non standard home insurance may also be able to protect homes at risk from flooding, or properties that have suffered subsidence damage.

Why do you need specialist cover?

Non standard properties are more likely to suffer damage or theft and can be more expensive to repair than other homes.

When you look for policies, work out what cover you need to make sure your buildings and contents are fully protected.

Compare as many quotes as possible to find the best policy for your property.