Musical instruments are expensive to replace, so it pays to have a good insurance policy to protect them.

Some home insurance policies can protect musical instruments, but many exclude them or only offer limited cover.

This comparison shows insurance companies that offer policies specifically for musical instruments. Compare as many quotes as possible to find the best policy for you.

What can you get cover for?

Musical instrument insurers can cover most types of instruments and equipment, including:

  • Traditional instruments, like acoustic and electric guitars, drums, strings and pianos.

  • Studio equipment, like turntables, mixing desks, laptops, CDs and vinyl.

  • Stage equipment, like PA systems, microphones, speakers, lighting and smoke machines.

  • Accessories, like cases, pedals, adaptors, drum sticks, bows and amplifiers.

What does it protect you against?

Most policies can cover:

  • Accidental damage, loss and theft: This covers your instruments if they are damaged, lost or stolen. Most policies offer this cover as standard; you can see which insurers offer it using this comparison.

  • Public liability: This covers you if you injure someone or damage third party property when performing or teaching. Check this is included if you are a gigging musician or music teacher.

  • Personal accident: This covers you if you have an accident while performing. Most policies pay out a set amount if you lose a limb, your sight, become disabled or die.

  • Worldwide cover: This covers you for a set number of days when travelling abroad. This comparison shows which insurers offer worldwide cover, and for how long.

Most insurers let you customise your policy to just include the cover you need. For example, if you only play the guitar as a hobby, you may not need public liability cover.

How much cover do you need?

You need enough cover to protect all your instruments and equipment. Most policies cover your instruments in two ways:

  • An individual cover limit per instrument, e.g. 10,000

  • A total cover limit for all your instruments, e.g. 30,000

Check the value of your instruments before you look for quotes so you know what cover you need. This comparison shows what cover each insurer offers per instrument, and in total.

Musical instrument insurance FAQs


Will my home insurance cover musical instruments?


It may, but some contents insurance policies exclude instruments. If they are included it is unlikely you will get as much cover as using a standalone policy.


Will my instrument be covered outside home?


Yes, it can be covered in a studio, gig venue or practice space. Most policies will specify that it is kept in a safe building in a locked room or locker.


Will I be covered if I drop and break my instrument?


Yes, most policies will repair or replace it provided it was new when you bought it, and not over a certain age, e.g. three years.


Do I need to test my equipment before performing?


It may be a condition of the policy to test your equipment before playing. If you do not, your insurance might not pay out if you need to claim.

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