If you find yourself drawn to a familiar brand, you're not alone. Here are some of the reasons that could sway you:

  • Brand reputation: You may choose an insurer because you've seen them on TV, or someone has recommended them.

  • Brand trust: If you've had an account with the brand in the past, your experience can affect whether you trust them to protect your home.

It's ok to pick a familiar brand, just make sure you choose the cover you need when you get a quote.

Even if you aren't familiar with a brand, you can check their financial rating on a website like defaqto, which ranks policies out of 5 stars on the quality of cover and customer service.


Choosing a policy based on the price alone could cause you major issues if you need to claim, especially if you don't get the cover you need.

When you compare quotes, you may find there isn't a huge difference in price between the cheapest and the next few policies.

You should look for the cheapest policy, but only after you have had quotes from several home insurers that can give you the cover you want.


This is the most important factor when choosing a home insurance policy, so if you choose your insurer this way you are doing the right thing.

You may not want to switch if you have the cover you want with your existing home insurer, but this could be causing you to pay more and more each year.

You could surprise yourself with how much you could save by switching, especially if you always compare the right cover.

Can you switch any time?

Yes, but you may need to pay an earlier termination charge for cancelling a policy before your renewal is due.

To work out if it's worth switching mid-policy:

  1. Find out how much the early termination fee is with your existing insurer.

  2. Get quotes from other insurers to check the price for the cover you want.

  3. If the saving is greater than the fee, you can choose to cancel and switch.

There is no obligation to do anything, and if you do nothing you will still have an idea of the money you could save when your renewal is up.