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Health insurance guides

We look at health insurance and highlight, via our guides, what health insurance covers, how you can enjoy the best deals and which pre-existing medical conditions may affect your policy.

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Health insurance guides

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How to get health insurance when you are older

You can still get health insurance as you get older, but it can be more expensive and difficult to find. Here is where to find it and how to cut the cost.

How does private health insurance work?

Private health insurance can pay out for a range of treatments for illnesses and injuries. Here is how it works and what types you can get.

How to choose health insurance

The right health insurance policy can save you money if you need private treatment for an illness or injury. Here is how to find health insurance that covers everything you need.

Can you get health insurance with pre-existing conditions?

Health insurance does not always cover existing medical conditions or any you have had in the past five years. Here is what cover you can get and how to find it.

How to claim on your health insurance

Your health insurance could pay out if you need private medical treatment or an appointment. Here is how to claim and how much it costs.