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You could get your whole family the best medical care by taking out private health insurance. Find a policy that could offer options like a GP helpline and no claims discounts.

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What is family health insurance?

It is a policy that covers all of your family for private medical healthcare. It can get you treatment quicker than on the NHS and gives you a wider choice of hospitals, clinics and locations.

You can claim on your health insurance for any private medical treatment included on the policy. It then pays out for some or all of the costs of the treatment.

Instead of getting separate health insurance for each person, you could take out a family policy to cover:

  • You

  • Your partner

  • Your children

What does it cover?

Each health insurance plan covers a different range of:

  • Symptoms, illnesses and injuries you can claim for

  • Types of treatment they can pay for

Here are the types of treatment and medical conditions health insurance can pay for

How to get health insurance for your family

Check the costs

When you compare health insurance policies, check the two main costs:

  • The premium: the amount you pay each month for your policy

  • The excess: the amount you pay towards the bill yourself if you make a claim

The average cost is usually higher if you have a large family, e.g. if the policy needs to cover more than three people.

Check if it is cheaper to get individual insurance for each person. But family plans often include a discount for insuring several people on one policy.

Check the age limits

Some policies come with a maximum age for any children or adults covered on the policy.

For example, a policy could only cover children under 21 and adults under 70. Check these limits before you apply for health insurance.

How to choose cheap family health insurance

The best policy should be affordable and include cover for all the symptoms and treatments your family could need.

You can use our broker to find health insurance for your family. They can provide a range of quotes and help you choose the right policy.

How to choose a health insurance policy

Family private health cover FAQs

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Why compare health insurance with

By comparing health insurance, you could save money on the policy. The best value health insurance will offer the cover to you and your family need at an affordable price. Choose a cover plan from the best UK health insurance companies and see the online discounts they offer.

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