It is a policy that covers all of your family for private medical healthcare. It can get you treatment quicker than on the NHS and gives you a wider choice of hospitals, clinics and locations.

You can claim on your health insurance for any private medical treatment included on the policy. It then pays out for some or all of the costs of the treatment.

Instead of getting separate health insurance for each person, you could take out a family policy to cover:

  • You

  • Your partner

  • Your children

What does it cover?

Each health insurance plan covers a different range of:

  • Symptoms, illnesses and injuries you can claim for

  • Types of treatment they can pay for

How to get health insurance for your family

Check the costs

When you compare health insurance policies, check the two main costs:

  • The premium: the amount you pay each month for your policy

  • The excess: the amount you pay towards the bill yourself if you make a claim

The average cost is usually higher if you have a large family, e.g. if the policy needs to cover more than three people.

Check if it is cheaper to get individual insurance for each person. But family plans often include a discount for insuring several people on one policy.

Check the age limits

Some policies come with a maximum age for any children or adults covered on the policy.

For example, a policy could only cover children under 21 and adults under 70. Check these limits before you apply for health insurance.

How to choose cheap family health insurance

You can use this comparison to find policies and check what each provider covers.

The best policy should be affordable and include cover for all the symptoms and treatments your family could need.

If several policies cover everything you need, choose the one with the cheapest premiums or lowest excess.

You can contact a broker if you need help finding health insurance for your family. They can provide a range of quotes and help you choose the right policy.

Family health insurance FAQs


Will health insurance cover my existing conditions?


Some policies can include them, but many do not pay out for them. Here is how cover for pre-existing conditions works.


Do I need a medical check before I get health insurance?


Some policies make you fill out a declaration about your health, and some may need to run medical tests. But moratorium policies do not do this.


Will my health affect the cost of my insurance?


Yes, some policies could charge you more if you have existing conditions. Others only charge you more if you need to cover treatment for them.


Which hospitals or doctors can I use?


Most insurers give you a choice of several medical facilities when you are referred for treatment.


Can I still use the NHS if I get health insurance?


Yes, you can get free treatment on the NHS or use your policy to pay for private treatment


Does health insurance cover me abroad?


No, most of these policies only cover treatment in the UK, but you could get medical cover from your travel insurance if you go abroad.


Can I get health insurance if I am disabled?


Yes, but some insurers do not cover treatment for any conditions that are related to your disability.