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The Kinder Cars Index | Get around while reducing your impact on the planet

Whether you’re looking for a car that’s leather free or has low emissions, these are the top 50 cars that mindful motorists should consider.

Empty football stadium

Concession Recession: The lost revenue of football stadiums

With the announcement that sports fans will be able to return to their seats later this year, albeit with reduced attendances, took a look at how much franchises are set to lose at the concession stand.

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Revealed: The UK's Most Family-Friendly Streaming Service 2020

Broadband experts rank the best and worst streaming service for families, based on price, functionality, and selection. And it's not Disney+...

Animal crossing on nintendo switch

The make believe mortgage - how much would you have to spend to live in homes from films, TV and games?

If have you ever wondered how much it would cost to own some of tv, film and gaming's most iconic homes then wonder no more. Our new mortgage guide reveals what the cost of owning some of the most recognisable properties in the world would be...

A pink graphic with writing which reads: Shop Now, Stress Later

Shop now, stress later: generation debt trap revealed

Are Buy Now Pay Later services enticing shoppers into a dangerous cycle of unmanageable debt? The consumer spending experts at have investigated consumers' relationships with BNPL services to find out if shoppers are being tempted into taking on unsustainable debt, without fully realising the risk.

Graphic reading Pole Position, ranking the greatest drivers in F1 history

Pole Position: the best drivers in Formula 1 history revealed

From Nino Farino to Lewis Hamilton, car insurance experts crunched the numbers to find the greatest drivers of all time

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Spoons Savings: The hidden costs of a pre flight meal

Following the reopening of countries across Europe, almost 7.5 million Brits plan to go on holiday this year. As holiday-makers flock to airports to head off on a long-awaited summer holiday, has looked at the hidden costs associated with travel.

Graphic of 12 saves of Christmas

A guide to spreading the cost of Christmas and where to make the best savings

While shopping for Christmas so early might feel a little strange to the uninitiated, our experts reveal how it really could shave hundreds of pounds from the total cost of your Christmas wish-list.

'this store is now closed' sign on door sprayed with white paint illustrating economic down turn on British high street

What will the future hold for the great British high street?

With effects of COVID-19 restrictions impacting the high street, our consumer spending experts predict what the future of the high street could look like

A graphic showing a sandcastle in a pink circle. Underneath the title reads: Safecation. The new post-lockdown staycation. Brought to your by money.

The 2020 safecation report

As lockdown restrictions began to be eased, bookings for staycation holidays surged in popularity. With this in mind, the consumer spending experts at have mapped out the perfect locations for a safe staycation in the new 2020 Safecation Report.

Graphic to illustrate savings calculator from

Lockdown legacy best savings calculator | work out how much you could save

The personal finance experts at have developed a best savings calculator to reveal how much you could save if you stick to your lockdown savings habits.

A graphic showing a large shopping bag with the recycling logo in centre, a rubbish bin with 0% annotated, and 3 people holding plastic-free food.

Sustainable shopping on a budget

The consumer spending experts at have put together a guide on sustainable shopping on a budget to help you make greener choices without breaking the bank.

An illustration of a future high street which includes the bakers, a sustainable shop, a family butchers, a click-and-collect store, and al fresco dining.

The 2020 high street report

As coronavirus closures mean that the high street will look very differently by the end of 2020, the consumer spending experts at investigate the iconic high street's past, present and potential future in the 2020 High Street Report.

Central London skyline overlooking the sunset

As lockdown measures begin to be lifted, reveals the top London pubs to enjoy a socially distanced drink

As lockdown measures begin to be lifted, has analysed the top 30 hot spots in London for your first socially distanced pub visit.

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Value My Degree | Degree Valuation Calculator

What's the true value of a university degree and does having one impact on future earnings and happiness? The experts at have investigated and created a degree valuation calculator to reveal the results

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As spending for Father's Day 2020 is set to fall by 30%, personal finance experts offer budgeting tips

After months of lockdown and with social distancing measures continuing, has the way we plan to celebrate changed? Research from reveals what a socially distanced Father's Day means for the UK.

A lilac background with a gold diamond graphic which reads: The Brand-a-Lust Report - brought to you by Money

Brand-a-Lust: Revealing The UK’s Top Lockdown Brands

The unexpected brands we’ve been loving the most during lockdown.

Graphic of two doctors with text to illustrate the article Surgery in Searches.

The most popular cosmetic procedures in Europe, according to Google searches.

We analysed the most searched for cosmetic surgeries across 31 countries, to determine the most popular procedures in Europe.

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How to use interest free credit cards to book a holiday

Going on holiday is one of life’s great pleasures but paying for it can be a challenge. Especially if you don’t have the savings to pay up front. An interest free credit card lets you spread the cost of your holiday over several months, so you can enjoy some hassle-free sunshine without delay.

Image of two people gardening in green overalls, one person spraying house, the other person holding a chair

How to manage your hay fever and plan a low-allergen garden

As parks reopen and people continue to take full advantage of their garden, has put together a guide to creating a low allergen garden and help hay fever suffers to manage allergy flare ups while enjoying the warm weather.

Illustration of two couples. One with a baby in their arms and one with a pram and a dog.

Shared parental leave calculator

If you're a parent or a parent to be, it is important to work out your finances to see what maternity, paternity, or shared parental leave pay you may be entitled to. Use our shared parental leave calculator to find out how much time you can afford to take off based on your financial situation.

currency in colour header

Currency in colour: a visual guide to 157 banknotes around the world

We analysed 157 of the world's banknotes currently in circulation, looking at their colour, characters, buildings and animals to discover the DNA of our world currency

Graphic of 2020 Key Worker Nation Report

The 2020 key worker nation report

Inspired by the heroic efforts of key workers across, the 2020 key worker nation report reveals which roles the UK is searching for the most.

Photo of tribute to key workers

The UK’s best deals for all key workers revealed

The personal finance experts at have searched the internet and found the best deals available to ALL essential workers in our key worker discount database.

Image of wooden blocks making up the word DEBT

New Year, Old Debt

More than half of UK adults will head into 2020 with debt of up to £10,000

Graphic for National Price Hike Day 2020

National price hike day

National Price Hike Day is the day Brits will be hit with a raft of inflation-busting price hikes and many of those day-to-day activities will now cost people more.

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The Gifting Calculator - How Much Should You Spend on a Gift?

Explore the nation's spending habits by region. Calculate how much to save each month to cover all your gifts this year with our handy Gifting Calculator

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The Engagement Ring Cost Calculator

Discover how much you can afford to spend on an engagement ring with our new calculator

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Sustainable Living Calculator

Use our new sustainable living calculator to discover the impact you can have on the environment by switching to greener alternatives.

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Work out your walkies | Lockdown dog walk calculator

The coronavirus lockdown affects all areas of our lives - including our ability to walk our dogs. Use this calculator to find out how many laps of your garden you need to walk to give your pet the exercise they need.

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The wedding music formula for the perfect dance floor filler

A new study from has revealed the number one hit guaranteed to get guests on the dance floor, according to science. Find out more here.