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Excellent episodes extravaganza: Every Drag Race episode ranked

After twelve successful years of RuPaul's Drag Race, the broadband experts have analysed every episode rating in Drag Race herstory, to reveal the best and worse episodes and seasons since the franchise began.

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The world’s most popular collectibles

From sports memorabilia to vintage wine, we look at the collectibles the world loves to splash out on and work out which collectibles have the highest price tag.

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The EV University league

From EV charging points, the cost to charge to the number of EV parking spaces available on campus, the EV University league from reveals which institutions provide the most support for green transport.

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Concession Recession: The lost revenue of football stadiums

With the announcement that sports fans will be able to return to their seats later this year, albeit with reduced attendances, took a look at how much franchises are set to lose at the concession stand.

Battle of the originals

Battle of the originals investigates to find out which of the UK's streaming services and broadcasters produce the most gender-balanced shows.

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The Safecation Report

With the end of lockdown in sight, searches for staycation holidays surged in popularity. With this in mind, the consumer spending experts at have mapped out the perfect locations for a safe staycation in the Safecation Report.

Lucrative Landmarks Report

Lucrative Landmarks Report

The postcode premiums of the world’s greatest landmarks revealed in a new report from

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Plays for property - the streams musicians need to pay the mortgage

Our team of mortgage experts have explored how many streams musician on Spotify need to achieve to pay for the mortgages on their epic homes.

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Almost famous: iconic characters redesigned as they ‘nearly were’

Our broadband experts have discovered how some of the most recognisable characters from gaming, TV and film were originally designed and worked with an illustrator to bring them back to life.

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Social media detox

Mobile experts at reveal how many social media app users are taking a break and hitting delete.

A graphic which reads: Most searched for luxury cars around the world.

The most searched for luxury cars around the world

These are the world’s most wanted luxury vehicles, according to Google.

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Revealed: The world’s most searched for romantic films

Our broadband experts at analyse which romcom film is the world's favourite, and how countries differ.