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Student guides

Whether you are planning ahead and organising your student finances early or are currently studying, our range of student guides will show you how to pick the right financial products.

Students walk and talk using mobile devices in university

A personal finance guide to student budgeting

If you’re starting or returning to university in September, here are some tips to help you keep your costs down before, during and after your studies.

The ultimate student finance guide for freshers

If you are heading to university this autumn, here is how to make sure you can afford to have fun rather than worrying about the pennies.

Two women shopping for clothes

The ultimate student budget planner

Being a student is fun, enriching and very expensive. On top of hefty tuition fees there are countless other costs you'll need to prepare yourself for, here's a full list of what else you'll have to pay for.


How to find the best student account

Student bank accounts could save you money, let you borrow for free and offer freebies like gift vouchers or railcards. Here is how they work and how to find the best one for you.