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The shape of love - a Valentine’s Day guide to burning love and calories

Love is officially in the air as we near Valentine’s Day, and because most of us will be enjoying a romantic meal for two at home, our energy experts have rounded up the most and least indulgent meals and desserts to make and enjoy with your significant other (or COVID bubble) this Valentine’s Day.
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In addition to ranking each item - ranging from starters, entrees, desserts, and drinks - money.co.uk’s energy experts also calculated the calories in each one, as well as how long the average person would need to exercise to burn these off.

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For example, a Surf & Turf meal (featuring filet mignon, garlic butter prawns, a jacket potato with butter & sour cream, and creamed spinach) tops the list at 886 calories, and you’d need to jog for at least 102 minutes to burn off those calories.

On the lighter end, everyone’s favourite aphrodisiac—oysters on the half shell—can be enjoyed for just 266 calories and only 31 minutes of jogging to burn the calories off.  

The healthiest and most indulgent Valentine's meals

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For those planning to cook a three-course meal, we’ve also rounded up two kinds of romantic dinners—either a lighter and more indulgent option—to turn up the heat:

Three courses of love

Three courses of love

While this list isn’t to keep us from enjoying our favourite foods, it may help us decide what to enjoy or what to skip this Valentine’s Day.

Whether you’re cooking a romantic dinner for two at home, or maybe just ordering your favourite takeaway, find out how much you can save on energy by comparing current deals and switching here.

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