Who should you speak to about your claim?

If you have the telephone number for the PPI claim department that you have been dealing with, which can be found on any correspondence they have sent you, then you can contact them directly and try to find out the reason for the rejection.

You may find that a reason has been given in your initial refusal letter, but do not hesitate to challenge the PPI department if you do not agree with it.

Remember to make notes about your claim

When you speak with the advisor on the phone, push for as much information as possible into the cause of the refusal and write down their name so you can keep a note of anything that is explained to you in regards to your claim.

This will become important if you need to backtrack and attempt to prove that you were advised of a piece of information which is later contradicted by the company.

What should you do next?


Write down all factors that you feel support the reason why you believe your PPI was mis-sold to you otherwise you may find yourself with another refusal letter.

You should write again to the lender, outlining why you think you deserve the refund of premiums, and specifying that you will take your case to the Ombudsman if it is not dealt with in a satisfactory way by the lender.

You may find that you do not have a contact telephone number to contact the PPI company in question. In this case, you can send a letter straight away.

You can also get help with your PPI complaint on the Resolver website.