This PPI claims letter template is intended as a guide only.

You will need to amend the details and information included to reflect your individual circumstances before using.

Amend the sentences and removed unneeded sentences before sending.

[Insert your name]

[Insert your address]

[Insert your postcode]

[Insert your telephone number]

[Insert date]

[Insert name of the company that sold you the PPI policy]

[Insert address of the company that sold you the PPI policy]

Dear Sir/Madam,

Ref: [Insert your PPI policy number]

On [insert the date you sent the first letter] I sent you a letter regarding the PPI policy I was sold by you, [enter company name] in conjunction with my application for a [delete as appropriate: loan/credit card/store card/mortgage/credit agreement].

I asked you to provide me with proof that the policy was sold to me fairly and that it was itself fair and reasonable - I enclose a copy of the letter for your convenience [attach a copy of your first letter].

In my letter I asked you to respond within 8 weeks. As I have not yet received a reply from you I am writing again to request a full refund of all premiums and subsequent interest on the payments that I have made towards this policy to date plus an addition of the 8% statutory interest to which I believe I would be awarded by a court.

Please note that if I do not receive a response from you within the next 14 days I will be taking my complaint to the Financial Ombudsman.

Yours faithfully

[Insert your signature]

[Insert your full name]