We have loads of different resources available to help you put in your PPI claim without paying a claims management company.

Why not find out if you had PPI and read our How to reclaim PPI premiums guide.

As part of your PPI claim you will inevitably need to send some letters; which is why we have helped you out with a few handy PPI claim templates.

Our PPI claims letter templates, listed in sequence below, are intended as guides-only. You will need to amend the details and information included to reflect your individual circumstances before using.

For each template, simply amend the sentences and remove all unwanted text.

  • Letter template 1 - use this letter template to set out why you believe you were mis-sold to, or unfairly treated, and ask for a refund

  • Letter template 2 - use this letter template if you do not receive a response to your original letter within 8 weeks

  • Letter template 3 - use this letter template if the company has denied that your PPI policy was mis-sold