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Living with disabilities: What help is available?

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Written by Matt Fernell, Financial Content Writer

31 December 2018

Whether you're disabled or care for a disabled family member, times are changing and they're changing fast. We take a look at what help is at hand.

What help is out there?

If you can stay positive and proactive you can quickly take control of your affairs; this means utilising your family and friends' help, your GP, charities and your local authority.

There are many organisations that make it their business to give whatever assistance they can. The trick is discovering which government body, or which charities, you can make use of.

Start by arranging your Health & Social Care Assessment (England & Wales only) or Carer's Assessment. This will give you a personalised care plan setting out what support you are eligible for, covering health care, social care and welfare.

You'll also need to undertake a Work Capability Assessment (England, Scotland & Wales) to determine your disability benefit rates, when you come to claim.

GOV.UK - Work Capability Assessment

GOV.UK - Health & Social Care Assessment

Disabled living FAQs

Once you've had your assessments, use their results to guide your planning across three key areas so that you know what help is available and who to contact:

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