What is the money.co.uk Opinion Panel?

It's a chance for you to have your say about anything from the latest price rises and money news, to the newest gizmos and gadgets.

You just fill in this short survey to tell us what you think, and in return we'll enter you into a draw for amazing giveaways as a 'thank you' for taking part.

How does the money.co.uk Opinion Panel work?

You just need to complete a 2 minute survey and enter your email address at the end.

The surveys will be multiple choice, quick and easy to fill in and your responses are completely confidential.

Each time we run a new survey (which is only likely to be around once or twice a month) we'll email you an invite to take part and let you know the prize that's up for grabs.

You simply need to complete the survey we're running to be in with a chance of winning!

What will you use this information for?

We're running these surveys to find out what money.co.uk members think about money news and financial issues.

This helps us write guides and create financial comparisons we know will be most helpful to you, and flag important money issues in the media to try and get things changed for the better.

How often will I receive a survey?

It's likely to be once or twice a month and there will be a new prize up for grabs each and every time.

You don't have to complete every survey, but you'll be entered into the free competition each time you do. As the saying goes, you've got to be in it to win it!

Will you share my details?

Absolutely not, we'll only ever use the details you enter to send you surveys, and your responses will be held confidentially. We'll never share your personal details or the information you enter with anyone else.

Can I stop receiving money.co.uk Opinion Panel surveys?

Yes, you can stop receiving money.co.uk Opinion Panel surveys at any time, just let us know.