Budget airlines need to make up the cost of selling such low-cost fares somehow. More often than not your ticket is likely to be accompanied by a whole host of additional charges and fees that will ultimately bump up the price of your flight - making that 10 deal seem not so much of a bargain after all.

While some of these charges are largely unavoidable there are certainly ways around many of them - read on for our top tips.

Skirt around the booking fee

Many flight tickets nowadays will come with an obligatory booking fee (apparently to cover processing, administration costs.

This tends to be around 5 per person per flight so the costs quickly mount up, but there are ways to get around paying it at all if you pay with the right card.

The vast majority of other 'budget' airlines will not charge a booking fee to those who book with a Visa Electron debit card. So it is well worth using one of these cards rather than a credit card which can cost 2% extra.

It is worth double checking the cheapest way to pay with the airline you plan to book with well in advance of getting your ticket.

Do not add on the add-ons

Some budget airlines will automatically apply additional charges to your flight by default unless you specifically make sure to de-select the option. Look out for these sneaky charges:

  • If you pre-book a particular seat number this will cost you extra with some airlines, so think about if you are fussy about where in the cabin you will be seated and who you sit next to, not to mention, the fact that pre-booked seats can even be over-ridden upon boarding by other passengers if the cabin is very busy.

  • Requesting a seat with extra leg room will also add on a separate charge so remember to decline this option when offered it if you are happy with a regular seat.

  • Adding hold luggage can also add on a huge extra cost.Think about how long you are going for, do you really need to buy extra space for hold luggage, or could you manage with just your cabin bag for your trip?

  • The airline may also offer to organise your travel insurance, do not just take the easy option, take a look at our guide on travel insurance and find out how to get the best price.

Check flight terms

Before you even contemplate leaving for the airport it is vital to check the flight terms and conditions on the website of the budget airline you are flying with.

These will include crucial points that may not have even crossed your mind, such as the liquid limit you are allowed to carry on board with you and the specific luggage dimensions your hold baggage and hand luggage will need to comply with.

Disobey these limits, and the penalties can be severe - you may find you are charged extra, some of your items have to be discarded, or you may even be offloaded from the flight altogether without a refund.

As well as checking these maximum limits you should also check things such as:

  • whether you need to check-in before you get to the airport

  • whether you need to book in any luggage before you get to the airport

  • whether a boarding card needs to be printed off and presented upon boarding

  • whether any other specific details such as your passport number and its expiry date need to be entered on booking

  • whether you are able to pool your luggage allowance with your travel companions

Again, failing to comply with these sometimes unreasonably strict regulations will mean an additional and often steep charge.

Look for sales

One of the good things about budget airlines is that they frequently hold 'sales' on their tickets, dropping them temporarily to rock-bottom prices such as 5 or even 99p. When these come along it is worth taking advantage of them if they fit in with your travel plans as combining an extra-low fare with the tips above will ensure you get the best value flight possible.

However, it is always a good idea to go for the sales that include taxes and charges in their ticket prices otherwise you will find yourself unavoidably paying extra from the word go.

Planning your travel as much in advance as possible is also a good idea, as it means you can book your cheap flight well ahead of time and be ready for the flight sales when they do come around.