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7 easy ways to watch live sport for free

Watching free sport on a dodgy website is illegal, the quality probably won't be great and your stream could cut out at any moment. So, what's the best legit way to watch live sport free?

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1. Sky Go or BT Sport app

If you're wondering how to watch sky sports without a sky package, there is a way. If you've got a kind friend or family member who has a Sky or BT Sport subscription, you can borrow their login details at no extra cost:

    Sky Go and the BT Sport app are compatible with lots of devices, like:

      Here's how to set up Sky Go

      Here's how to set up the BT Sport App

      2. Watch it on Freeview

      There's a good chance the sport you want to watch is being shown on terrestrial TV. Ofcom rules mean these sporting events have to be free to watch:

          Other events like the Six Nations, Commonwealth Games and World Snooker Championships often get shown on terrestrial channels too, so it's worth checking ahead of time.

          WherestheMatch.com lets you check the day's sport schedule for free. And for less than £3 a year, you can see where all live sport is being shown for the whole year.

          3. Head to a friend's house

          If you've got a friend with Sky or BT Sports, invite yourself round to keep them company while they watch the big game.

          Don't go empty-handed; offer to do the beer run, or bake a nice cake.

          4. Go to the pub

          OK, so it's not going to be completely free. If you stand staring at the big screen without a drink in your hand for long enough, you'll probably be asked to leave. But you can still enjoy the game for the cost of a pint or two.

          You can find which pubs near you are showing sport by checking the Match Pint website or by downloading their app.

          Even better, if you check into the pub you're at with the Match Point app, you could get rewards like 2 for 1 drinks or even a free pint.

          5. Check your broadband package

          If you've got a broadband and TV bundle, you may already have some sports channels included. For example, Sky Sports Mix is now free with any Sky TV or Virgin Media package.

          Sky Sports Mix lets you watch a combination of highlights and live sport. You'll get it for free whether you're a new or existing customer, on Sky 407 and Virgin 517.

          If you're looking to switch broadband provider, check to see which suppliers include sports channels in the cost of your package. BT broadband and TV customers can add BT Sport for free until 31st July 2017.

          6. Check your mobile contract

          Depending on which network provider you're with, you might get Sky or BT Sport thrown in with your monthly contract:

            7. Now TV

            Keep an eye on the Now TV website for free trial offers too. It's rare they include Sky Sports channels, but it's always worth checking it to see if that changes.

            You'll need the Now TV app to be able to watch Sky Sports channels, but you can get this for free on a range of devices. Just download it from your app store and start streaming.

            Alternatively, you can buy a Now TV box for less than £15 at your nearest electrical shop.