• The personal allowance will increase to 12,500 from April 2019.

  • The higher rate income tax threshold will increase to 50,000 from April 2019.

  • A new UK digital services tax will be introduced in April 2020. It will be paid by businesses that earn over 500m in revenues worldwide at 2% on UK income.

  • Business rates to be cut by a third for small business over the next two years.


  • First time buyers of shared ownership homes worth up to 500,000 won't have to pay stamp duty.

  • 500m for the housing infrastructure fund, to build an extra 650,000 new homes.

  • Lettings relief to be limited to shared occupancy properties.


  • Fuel duty will be frozen for the ninth year in a row.

  • 420m will be spent repairing on potholes across the UK.

  • Air passenger duty on long haul flights will rise in line with inflation from April 2020.

Wages & benefits

  • The national living wage to increase by 4.9% to 8.21 per hour from April 2019.

  • Universal Credit work allowances will increase by 630 a year.

Tobacco & alcohol

  • Beer, cider and spirits duty will be frozen at current levels.

  • Wine duty will rise in line with inflation.

  • Tobacco duty escalator will continue to rise at 2% above inflation.


  • 10m to be spent on cleaning up abandoned waste sites.

  • There will be no special tax on plastic cups.


  • A new 50p coin will be made to mark the UK leaving the EU.

  • Start up loans schemes to be extended to 2021.