Whether you're an amateur golfer, 6-handicapper or club champion, the best golf insurance policies can offer you an important financial safety net if something goes wrong on or off the course.

Many golf insurance companies now let you tailor their packages to reflect your requirements, so can offer golf insurance for couples, ladies golf insurance and golf insurance UK, Europe & worldwide cover as fits your needs.

The trick to find the best golfing insurance policies is to use a cheap golf insurance comparison table to sort providers by their maximum cover levels, and match these to the exact cover you want.

Then, get tailored quotes from as many suitable providers as possible, to find the best insurance deals at the cheapest possible price.

What does golf insurance cover?

Generally, golfers insurance will include equipment and clubs cover, public liability insurance, personal injury cover, buggy insurance and golf travel/holiday insurance. However, you can choose a level of cover to suit or opt out of certain types of cover as fits your needs:

Golf club cover protects your drivers, woods and wedges from theft, vandalism, loss and accidental damage. Ensure that any company you get a quote from has a maximum cover level that can protect all your prized clubs to make sure you can replace your complete set if you need to make a claim.

You may find that your clubs are already sufficiently covered under your home contents insurance, in which case you may be able to forego this cover from your golf insurance. However you might want to consider the impact a claim would have on your home insurance premiums, potentially entailing a higher cost than listing the cover on your golf insurance policy.

Public liability insurance protects you financially if a claim is made against you due to your golfing exploits. This might be caused by injury on the course or damage to someone's possessions, and may need to cover ongoing third party medical costs, loss of income and legal fees on both sides.

This means cover levels are typically high; cover traditionally starts from 5m upwards, but you should decide on your personal risk and choose cover accordingly.

Personal injury cover protects you from the rigours of a full weekend's golfing - or just one wild swing. Regardless of which golf insurance policy you opt for, you need to be confident your cover level can meet healthcare costs (i.e. treatment and physio), loss of income and any legal fees.

Insurance for golf buggies will pay out to repair or replace a golf buggy if it is damaged, lost or stolen while in your care. This can give you peace of mind to use any club's buggies or even buy your own, as long as you make sure the maximum cover limit is high enough.

Golf travel insurance and golf holiday insurance are essential if you plan on taking your game abroad. Many policies now offer basic golf insurance UK, Europe & worldwide cover, protecting you both on the fairway and while you're in transit overseas.

Consider the destinations you're covered for, whether you're allowed unlimited trips and if there's a limit to the duration of each trip. Remember, the cost of healthcare, and alternative transport / accommodation is often much higher overseas, so your cover level should take this into account.

Finally, you may want to think about golf hole-in-one insurance. If you think you may just get lucky out on the course and owe everyone in the clubhouse a drink, you can tailor your cover so you aren't left out of pocket.

How to get the best golf insurance policies

The cheapest insurance for golf won't be worthwhile if it doesn't give you the cover you need, or its terms, conditions and exclusions mean you won't be able to claim when you need to.

So, you should always check every aspect of a policy to ensure you're eligible and that it gives you all the cover you need.

Within your golf insurance cover, check if things like legal fees have their own individual maximum claim limits to make sure you'll be fully protected. Similarly, you may need to add in cover for golf equipment hire separately, for if yours is lost/stolen.

When you've identified which golf insurance companies can offer you the cover you want, get tailored quotes from as many of them as you can to find the best golf insurance deals for your circumstances.