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A good set of golf clubs can cost thousands - golf insurance from our partner Golf Care can protect you in case of loss or damage. You can get cover for the value of your equipment and public liability too.

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Last updated: 22 September 2020

How to get the best golf club insurance

To find the right golf club insurance policy, you’ll have to work out how much your clubs are worth. Then choose a policy that offers enough cover to protect them.

So, if your clubs are worth £1,000, choose a policy with an equipment cover limit of at least this amount.

Find out how golf insurance works here.

What does golf clubs insurance cover you for?

Golf equipment insurance can cover the cost of repair or replacement if your clubs or accessories are:

  • Stolen

  • Lost

  • Accidentally or maliciously damaged.

Every year, millions of pounds worth of golf clubs get stolen in the UK. Plus, with so many people travelling around the world to play at different golf courses, it’s increasingly common for clubs to be damaged in transit.

What golf accessories can you cover as part of your golf equipment insurance?

You can usually cover items including your:

  • clubs

  • bags

  • balls

  • trolleys

  • buggies

  • carts

  • clothing

  • GPS devices

  • GPS watches

  • trophies and medals

  • other accessories.

As well as golf equipment insurance, what other types of golf insurance are available?

There are lots of different types of insurance available. You might want some or all of these, in addition to golf clubs insurance cover. Here’s a round-up of what else you might be able to get cover for.

Public liability insurance

Not many people realise that if you accidentally hit another golfer while you’re playing, you could be liable for their injuries. That means that if they took you to court, you could have to pay damages. Public liability insurance means you’d be covered for any unfortunate accidents like this. Golf equipment insurance alone won’t give you this kind of protection.

Personal accident cover

Personal accident insurance covers you against injuries you sustain on the golf course. The golf course can be more dangerous than you might think, even though it seems like a safe sport.

If you’re badly hurt by a ball travelling at speed, personal accident cover would pay for your physiotherapy or dental treatment.

Personal accident cover usually also pays compensation in the event of serious injury or death. It sometimes even pays your membership fees if you’re too injured to play. So this might be useful to have in addition to your golf club insurance.

Third-party property damage cover

With fast-moving balls and swinging golf clubs, the course can also be a cause of damage to property.

For example, your wayward shot could accidentally break a window or dent a car. With third-party property damage cover, you wouldn’t end up out-of-pocket by putting it right.

Hole-in-one cover

It’s a strongly held tradition in golf that if you putt a hole-in-one, you have to buy a drink for everyone in the tournament or event. You can take out an insurance on top of your golf equipment insurance that would cover your bar bill if this happened to you.

As unlikely as you might think it is that you’ll ever hit a hole-in-one, stranger things have happened.

Can I claim on my golf club insurance UK and abroad?

Most golf clubs insurance cover policies just cover the UK, but you can usually buy worldwide cover as an add-on. If you do travel around the world to play golf, it’s important to find a worldwide policy. That way, you’ll be covered wherever you’re playing so you can make a claim on your golf club insurance UK and abroad.

Check to see which types of insurance are included within the worldwide policy you’re looking at before you go ahead. That way you’ll make sure you get the right policy for your needs.

What kind of golf club insurance do I need?

Most golf club insurance policies only cover your clubs while you’re actually playing golf. But some also protect them when you travel to and from a golfing event. You’ll need to decide which type you need.

You can usually also extend golf clubs insurance cover to include protection for your golf clubs while they’re at home, but this will cost extra. This should be covered on your house contents insurance. But, if your golf clubs are particularly valuable, it’s worth mentioning this to your insurer.

Always check your cover limits, whichever types of insurance you have, to make sure the full value of your clubs is covered.

What will I get if I need to claim on my golf club insurance?

What you get with your golf equipment insurance depends on your policy. Most insurers offer new-for-old cover if your clubs need to be replaced. That means you’d get a new set, even if yours weren’t brand new.

You’ll usually only get new-for-old cover if your golf clubs are less than three years old. You can’t usually get new-for-old cover if you bought your clubs second hand. If you’ve bought them second hand, you can talk to your insurer about this and see what kind of golf club insurance they will offer.

Is my golf equipment already covered by my house contents insurance?

Most household insurance policies don’t include cover for golf clubs and other accessories outside of the home.

So you might be covered if they’re stolen from your home or damaged while you’re there. But, if you take them out and about, and they’re stolen or damaged, you’re unlikely to be covered. Check your policy.

How much does golf equipment insurance cost?

The price of golf club insurance varies a lot. It depends on factors such as:

  • how comprehensive the policy is

  • what add-ons you want

  • where you live

  • what equipment you’re covering

  • what excess you’re happy to pay.

The cheapest golf equipment insurance policy might be tempting. But it’s very important to check that the policy you’re looking at gives you the level of cover you need.

Your final decision should be based on your personal circumstances. Make sure you read the policy document carefully so you know exactly what you’re covered for. And, if anything changes such as your address or equipment, don’t forget to let the insurance company know.

Golf clubs insurance FAQs

Are my clubs covered while in my car?

Most policies cover your golf equipment in a vehicle while you are travelling to or from a golfing event, but not if you leave them overnight.

Will I get new clubs if I need to claim?

Most insurers offer new for old replacement if your equipment is damaged, but only if it is less than three years old.

Is the cost of hire clubs covered?

Yes, most policies will cover the cost of hiring replacement clubs if yours have been lost, stolen or damaged.

Does golf insurance cover me to play overseas?

Some golf insurance policies include worldwide cover as standard, but you may have to pay extra on other policies to play outside the UK.

Am I covered if I hit someone's car with a golf ball?

Yes, golf insurance includes third party liability which can cover the cost of any damage you cause to someone else's property while playing.

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