To find the right policy, you need to work out how much your clubs are worth and choose a policy that offers enough cover to protect them.

For example, if your clubs are worth £1,000, make sure the policy offers a maximum equipment cover limit of at least this amount.

What are your clubs protected against?

Golf insurance can cover the cost of repair or replacement if your clubs are:

  • Stolen

  • Lost

  • Accidentally or maliciously damaged

Most insurers offer new for old cover if your clubs need to be replaced, but only if they are less than three years old.

Cover for your clubs at home

Most policies only cover your clubs while you are playing golf, but some also protect them when you travel to and from a golfing event.

You might be able to extend your cover to include protection for your golf clubs while they are kept at home, but this will cost extra.

If you have contents insurance, it should cover your golf equipment at home. However, you should check your cover limits to make sure the value of your clubs is covered.