Insuring your golf buggy can be useful and safe guard you against expensive bills if something goes wrong.

Golf buggy insurance offers specialist cover that isn't always included as standard with many standard golf insurance policies. Before getting cover think about:

  • How much your buggy is worth: Consider how much it would cost to repair or replace your buggy if you didn't have insurance. Some insurers will only pay up to a certain amount if you made a claim.

  • Where you keep your buggy: Insurers offer different policies depending on where your buggy is kept, whether it's at a golf club, at home or both. To be insured, your buggy must usually be locked away securely.

We show you how to find the best insurance so you can focus on playing golf instead of paying expensive and unexpected costs.

Check the cover

Most golf buggy insurance policies cover:

  • Theft or loss: If your buggy is lost or stolen.

  • Damage or vandalism: To cover the bills of repairing your buggy if you damage it in an accident or if somebody intentionally causes harm to it.

  • Public liability: If you damage property or injure someone, you can be covered for the value of damage caused.

Work out what you want your policy to cover before you start looking for quotes, this can make it easier to find the right deal.

Choose a policy

Insurers offer two main types of policy:

  1. 1.

    Second hand value policy: You can be paid the market value of your buggy as opposed to being completely out of pocket if something happened. For example, you paid 3,000 for your buggy a year ago, it's currently worth 2,000 but has been stolen, the insurer can pay you up to 2,000.

  2. 2.

    New for old policy: Your buggy can be replaced with a brand new one if it is stolen or unrepairable.

A new for old policy may cost more, but offers more financial protection if your buggy needs to be replaced.

Get several quotes so you can compare and pick the right policy and get the best price. Ensure you can afford any excess to avoid any surprise bills if you make a claim.

Golf buggy insurance FAQs


Do you need to insure your buggy?


You are not legally required to insure your buggy for playing golf, but it can cover the costs if loss or damage occurs.


Does golf insurance cover my buggy?


Not entirely, golf insurance gives you public liability cover when using a buggy but it does not cover your own buggy if it gets lost, damaged or stolen.


Are there any age limits when insuring a buggy?


Possibly, some insurers have maximum age limits for customers that they will cover. Check the policy before you buy to see if there are any age limits.


Will I be covered to use my buggy on public roads?


No, this type of insurance is designed for buggies used for playing golf in a private off road environment, such as a golf club.