You won't want to lose the use of your golf buggy on the fairways, let alone lose out financially if you have to repair or replace it, so specialist insurance for golf buggies can provide an ideal solution.
If you compare the different aspects of golfing buggy insurance based on your circumstances, you can find policies whose cover levels match your requirements in each case. You should consider:

The first thing to decide is whether you need new for old insurance or indemnity cover in the event you need to claim for total loss of your buggy - through accidental damage, theft, loss or vandalism.
New for old golf buggy insurance means you are insuring your golf cart for its current replacement value (at the time you take out a policy) to protect you from depreciation, so the maximum claim limit should cover their current value.
That makes new for old cover particularly useful if your buggy is brand new, highly valuable or likely to depreciate quickly.
Alternatively, with indemnity cover you would receive its second hand value at the time you claim. Insuring a golf buggy for indemnity is generally cheaper, and your maximum cover limit wouldn't need to be as high; however it also offers less protection so make sure it's suitable.
(Golf cart insurance often includes equipment cover, so you may want to raise the claim limit on your golfing buggy insurance cover according to the value of your clubs, as well as the buggy itself.)

Next, evaluate the golf public liability insurance included on your electric golf cart insurance policy. Standard golf liability often only covers playing or practising golf, whereas ride on golf buggy insurance extends third party cover to the buggy while you're driving it.
Make sure you are happy with the claim limit available for public liability, as it may need to cover healthcare costs, loss of income and damage to possessions for third party claims made against you.

Finally, compare the personal accident cover included in each golf buggy insurance policy, and the attached terms and conditions. Some policies only cover permanent loss of sight and/or limbs, but are cheaper while others give more comprehensive protection at a greater cost.

How do you choose from the policies you've found?

You should check the terms and conditions attached to every aspect of cover to make sure your policy will be valid as and when you need to claim.
Some providers restrict golf buggy theft insurance to only be valid if it's secured to a fixed object when in storage, in transit or at a golfing venue.
Finally, compare policies for any additional cover features included as standard, such as golf travel insurance (are buggies covered too?), equipment hire and reimbursement of club membership.
If you get bespoke quotes from companies whose policies and conditions fit your requirements, a cheap golf buggy insurance comparison can help you find the best golf buggies insurance at the cheapest price.

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