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Protect your golf buggy with a golf buggy insurance policy that could pay out if it gets stolen or breaks down. Our golf insurance partner Golf Care offer a range of cover options for your buggy.

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Last updated: 9 December 2020

What is golf buggy insurance?

If you're an avid golfer, Golf buggy insurance can be useful to have. It’s a way to safeguard you against expensive bills if something goes wrong with your golf buggy.

There are quite a few risks when it comes to golf buggies, from injuring someone or theft, to damage caused by you or vandalism. Plus many more!

It’s not a legal requirement to have golf buggy insurance. But, unfortunately, as golf buggies are expensive, they can be a prime target for opportunistic thieves. Golf buggy insurance, UK wide, can help protect you if you’re affected by theft, damage or loss. You’d be reimbursed if the worst were to happen.

How to find the best golf buggy insurance, UK wide

It’s important to find the best golf buggy insurance, UK wide. Golf buggy insurance gives you specialist cover which isn't included with most golf insurance policies.

Before getting golf cart insurance, think about how much your buggy is worth and where you keep it. These two considerations are key to you finding the best golf buggy insurance for your needs.

How much is your golf buggy worth?

Think about how much it would cost to repair or replace your buggy if you didn't have golf buggy insurance. With some golf buggy insurance, UK providers will only pay out up to a certain amount. If your golf buggy is worth more than this amount, then perhaps that policy isn’t right for you.

Where do you keep your buggy?

Golf buggy insurance providers offer different policies depending on where your buggy is kept. Is it kept at a golf club? At home? Or both? To make sure you’re covered by your golf buggy insurance, it’s usually the case that your buggy must usually be locked away securely.

Check the level of your golf cart insurance cover

Most golf cart insurance policies cover:

  • Theft or loss: This means your insurance provider would pay out if your buggy was lost or stolen.

  • Damage or vandalism: This means your insurance provider would cover the cost of repairing your buggy if it was damaged in some way.

  • Public liability: This means that if you damaged property or injure someone inadvertently, you’d be covered for the value of damage caused. Most golf clubs require you to have public liability cover as a condition of your membership.

When you’re trying to choose the best golf buggy insurance, you’ll see that UK providers offer two main types of policy. These are …

  • Second hand value policy: This means that, if something happened, you could get a payout for the market value of your buggy. It doesn’t pay out the amount that you bought your golf buggy for. For example, if you paid £3,000 for your buggy a year ago, but it's currently worth £2,000, the golf buggy insurance provider can pay you up to £2,000 if it’s stolen.

  • New for old policy: This means that if your buggy’s stolen or irreparable, it can be replaced with a brand-new one. This type of golf buggy insurance costs more, but you’ll get more financial protection if your buggy needs to be replaced. It’s the best golf buggy insurance for you if you’d want a brand-new golf buggy if something were to happen to yours.

Does the best golf buggy insurance mean I’ll be covered to take it on the road?

You’re unlikely to get golf buggy insurance that insures you for taking it on the road. The Road Traffic Act means there are some very specific requirements for road vehicle insurance. Golf buggy insurance is not likely to meet these requirements.

Generally, golf buggy insurance is designed for people who are playing golf in private, off-road venues like golf clubs.

Is anything else covered by my golf buggy insurance?

No, golf buggy insurance, UK wide, only covers incidents relating to your golf buggy.

You’ll need separate insurance for things like your golf clubs or other equipment, or for things like injuries. You can get insurance for your membership and even entry fees for competitions and events. You can even get insurance for a round of drinks if you hit a hole in one!

You can find out more about golf insurance here.

How much is golf buggy insurance, UK wide?

The price of golf cart insurance varies a lot. It depends on factors such as:

  • what type of cover you choose

  • how much cover you need

  • where you live

  • how you keep your golf buggy overnight

  • what type of golf buggy you have and its value

  • what excess you’re happy to pay.

It can be tempting to go for the cheapest golf buggy insurance you can find – golf isn’t a cheap hobby after all. But be careful because if the cheapest policy doesn’t give you the cover you need, you could find yourself out-of-pocket if something were to happen.

Check the policy carefully to make sure it gives you the cover you need.

Think about whether you’d want to replace your golf buggy with a brand-new one, and what kind of excess you can afford. Make your choice based on your personal circumstances.

Once you know exactly what you’re looking for, you can compare golf buggy insurance policies that meet your requirements. Then you can choose the cheapest from that selection.

Golf buggy insurance FAQs

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