Televisions can be expensive to replace if they get damaged or stolen, but TV insurance can cover the cost. It can protect against:

  • Cracked screens

  • Liquid damage

  • Accidental damage

  • Theft

But before you take out separate cover for your TV, check if it is already insured elsewhere to avoid paying for something you don't need.

Are you already covered?

Depending on what you want to protect your TV against, you may already be covered by an existing policy, so check:

  • If your TV is under warranty: This means the manufacturer will repair or replace your TV if it is faulty or breaks down. Warranties usually last 12 months, but some may cover you for longer.

  • Your home insurance: If you have home contents cover, your TV may already be covered against theft and accidental damage. Your home insurance will not protect against mechanical breakdown, and cracked screens may not be covered.

If you have a home insurance policy and your TV is still under warranty, you may already have sufficient cover in place.

However, if you only have one or the other, a TV insurance policy could give you the extra cover you need.

Shop around for the best deal

Use this comparison to find the cover you need at the cheapest price. You should compare:

  • Monthly cost, to find the best deal

  • Maximum cover, to make sure the full value of your TV is covered

  • Excess, which is how much you have to pay towards each claim

  • Cover options, to check the protection you want is included

The policy with the lowest monthly price could cost you more if you claim, because the excess may be higher. Check both costs to make sure you get the best deal.

TV insurance FAQs


Will my TV be covered by my home insurance?


It may be covered for accidental damage and theft, but you will not be able to claim for mechanical breakdown.


Will TV insurance cover my remote or speakers?


It varies but some policies offer limited cover. For example, up to 150 if they are stolen or damaged at the same time as your TV.


Can I claim if my aerial is damaged by lightning?


You will not be able to claim on your TV insurance, but you can claim on your home buildings policy for lightning damage to aerials or satellite dishes.


Can I claim if my TV is dropped?


Yes, if your TV is dropped by you or a family member. If your TV is damaged by a removal company, they will need to claim on their business insurance.


Do I need insurance if my TV is still under warranty?


If you want to protect your TV against theft, loss or accidental damage, you will need insurance. Your warranty will only cover your TV if it breaks down.

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