This comparison can help you find cheap cover for your tablet and you could save money by:

  • Picking a policy with an excess: A 0 excess means it will not cost you to claim, but it could cost more to take out cover. Policies with an excess usually result in cheaper premiums, but make sure you can afford the excess if you need to claim.

  • Buying online: Most insurers offer a discount if you buy a policy online, and they may also provide money off if you pay in full. Get quotes from several insurers and see if they can offer any extra discounts.

  • Covering your family's gadgets on one policy: Multi gadget insurance offers a discount for each device you add to the policy. The more devices you cover, the more you could save, so get one policy to cover your whole family's gadgets.

Here is more information about the cost of gadget insurance and how to save money.

Compare different policies

Use this comparison to get quotes from different insurers and check the:

  • Monthly cost: This varies depending on your insurer, your claims history and the level of cover you want. Compare like for like quotes to get the best deal.

  • Maximum cover: This is the most a policy will pay out if you make a claim. Make sure it is enough to replace all the tablets you need to insure.

  • Cover options: This can include breakdown, accidental damage, loss and theft. Some insurers charge more to include certain cover, like loss and theft.

Think about how you use your tablet and pick a policy that offers the right protection. For example, you may need specialist cover if you use your tablet for work.

Check if you already have cover

You could save on the cost of gadget insurance if you are already covered by your:

  • Home contents insurance, which could cover accidental damage and theft

  • Manufacturer's warranty, which will cover breakdowns and faults

You may still need gadget insurance for your tablet due to gaps in your existing cover. For example, home insurance will exclude mechanical breakdowns and your warranty will not cover theft or accidental damage.

Tablet insurance FAQs


Can I insure my family's tablets on my policy?


Yes, most insurers offer a discount if you insure more than one device on the same policy. Compare multi gadget insurance to see if you could save.


Can I insure a second hand tablet?


No, you can only insure tablets you buy brand new or gadgets that have been refurbished to the manufacturer's standards.


Am I covered if my tablet gets a virus?


No, gadget insurance does not cover any damage or loss of data caused by viruses. Make sure your tablet has up to date anti virus protection.


Will my policy cover my tablet if it is lost?


It depends on whether you have added loss cover to your policy. Some insurers charge extra for this, so check the terms of cover.


Does tablet insurance cover cracked screens?


Yes, most gadget policies include cover for accidental damage like cracked screens, broken buttons, dropping your tablet and liquid damage.

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How do we make money from our comparison?


We have commercial agreements with some of the companies in this comparison and get paid commission if we help you take out one of their products or services. Find out more here.

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