MacBooks are expensive to replace and a specialist gadget insurance policy could help you cover the cost if yours is lost or damaged.

MacBook insurance can cover accidental damage, loss and theft for less than £5 a month. Excesses also tend to be under £100, so the cost of claiming is low.

What cover do you want?

Think about how you use your MacBook and what you want to protect it against. For example, if you take your MacBook on holiday, you may need worldwide cover for loss and theft.

Gadget insurance policies can usually include:

  • Mechanical breakdown, which covers you if your MacBook stops working

  • Accidental damage, which covers drops, cracked screens and liquid damage

  • Loss, which covers accidentally losing your MacBook

  • Theft, which covers your MacBook if it is stolen

Some insurers do not automatically cover loss and theft, and you may have to pay extra to add it. Check the cover you want is included in your monthly price before you buy.

Are you already covered?

Depending on the cover you want your MacBook may already be insured elsewhere, so check:

  • Your warranty : If your MacBook is still under warranty with Apple, they will repair or replace it if it breaks down. However, they will not cover accidental damage, loss or theft.

  • Your home insurance: Most home insurance policies cover gadgets that are lost, stolen or damaged. However, they may not cover your MacBook away from your home, cracked screens or liquid damage.