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Maximum cover: £3,000, Excess: from £50
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Accidental damage, breakdown, theft & loss
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From £5.25
Switched On Insurance Laptop Insurance
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Minimum Age16 years
Permanent UK Resident

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How you can find the best laptop insurance deal for students

You might be getting ready to head off to university, or maybe you're already there - either way, if you've got a laptop, there are good reasons why you should think about insuring it.

Whether it's halls of residence or a house with your mates, moving and living away from the comforts of home can be a bit of a culture shock.

If your laptop and other expensive gadgets used to be covered by your parent's home insurance but aren't now, you'll be out of luck if they get broken or snatched.

As such, it's a good idea to take a look at what students' laptop insurance deals are available.

What does insurance for students' laptops include?

While it would be a pain (to say the least!) if your laptop was to suddenly breakdown and delete all your coursework, if you have insurance you would be at least be able to claim and get it fixed or replaced.

Most laptop insurance student deals will include a good amount of coverage for your gadget, meaning you'll be protected for a range of things like breakdowns, accidental damage, fire and water damage and extra accessories.

If these are the only things you're concerned about and need covered, you should be able to find fairly cheap students' laptop insurance for just a few quid a month - not bad for peace of mind!

Adding extras to your insurance policy

Living in student halls or houses can come with its fair share of risk, as you never know who's eyeing up your gadgets.

For this reason it's worth thinking about paying more for extra features, such as laptop theft insurance. If someone does steal your laptop, at least you'll be able to claim and won't be left hundreds of quid out of pocket.

To get the very best laptop insurance for students you will have to pay higher premiums, but as you get the expansive protection that comes with it - including against theft, overseas cover, a good deal of accessories cover and even loss - you might feel that it's worth it.

Be prepared to pay the excess

When you compare student laptop insurance deals, it's crucial that you also compare the excess amounts - this is the amount you have to pay when you claim, before your insurer contributes.

Excesses vary depending on the company, level of cover and claim you're making (loss often means a higher excess), so make sure it's something you can afford to pay should you need to.

Some companies may have higher rates because you're a student and deemed to be a greater risk. While that might be unavoidable, it makes it even more important to shop around and make a thorough students' laptop insurance comparison to find the best deal.

Multi-gadget insurance policies for students

If you have other gadgets - from games consoles to smartphones and MP3 players - that you want to cover you should check out multi-gadget deals.

With these you're still able to get a wide range of features - the same as those for single gadget policies - but rather than having to fork out a load of cash for separate deals you can stick them on the same one, and hopefully save a fair amount of dosh!

Student contents insurance

During your student computer insurance comparison, you'll see that there are companies which offer full students contents insurance, which can offer protection for your gadgets when you're travelling to and from home, and even when you're abroad.

With the different options available to you, from single to multi-gadget and contents insurance, it really is important to compare each one, get quotes from companies and get a deal that offers all the coverage you need for the best possible price.

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