Last updated:15 September 2020

Use this comparison to get quotes from as many insurers as possible, to find the camera insurance you need at the cheapest price.

Cameras and their accessories can be expensive to replace if they break or are stolen, so it is important to find a camera and camera equipment insurance policy that gives you the protection you need.

The camera insurance policy with the cover you need, might not necessarily be the cheapest option. Decide exactly what level of camera and camera equipment insurance cover you need and what you want to protect.

That way, for your personal circumstances, you will be able to find the best camera insurance. UK insurers will usually also offer a variety of optional extras.

What type of camera insurance cover do you need?

You can get the following types of cover for your camera:

  • Accidental damage, which covers the cost of repairing or replacing your camera if you or someone else breaks it accidentally. For example, you drop or spill liquid on it.

  • Breakdown, which covers your camera when it is no longer under warranty. It includes repairs and replacements if your camera stops working.

  • Theft, which covers your camera if you are burgled, or if you have it stolen from you when you are away from your home.

  • Loss, which covers accidentally losing your camera. You may need to pay extra to include loss cover, and claims where you have been careless will not be paid.

  • Worldwide cover, which covers your camera anywhere in the world for 90 days each year.

When you buy camera insurance, UK providers will usually also cover your accessories, including:

  • Lenses

  • Filters

  • Tripod

  • Bags

  • Dark room equipment

Check the maximum cover included on each policy to make sure you have the right level of replacement cover if you need a new camera.

What if you are a professional photographer?

Most insurers offer cover for amateur and professional photographers, and you can include extra cover if you use your camera for work:

  • Hire of equipment: This camera insurance provides you with a replacement camera if yours is lost or damaged. For example, if you are due to shoot an event and your camera breaks.

  • Personal accident: This camera insurance cover provides you with a fixed payment if you suffer an injury which results in your death or permanent disability, for example loss of a limb.

  • Public liability: This covers you if you injure anybody or damage their property because of your photography. For example, tripping over your camera equipment.

Camera insurance FAQ


Are video cameras covered?


Yes, most policies cover camcorders, digital cameras and SLRs. Some video cameras cost thousands to replace, so check the maximum cover is enough.


Can I cover old cameras?


Most insurers do not cover second hand cameras. But some offer specialist cover for vintage cameras, so compare policies to find the cover you need.


Can I get cover if I am a professional photographer?


Yes, most insurers include extra cover if you use your camera for work. For example, hire equipment cover if you need a replacement for an event.


If my camera is lost or damaged, am I covered for lost photos?


Most policies do not cover lost data. But if you are a professional photographer, professional indemnity can cover the cost of lost photos.


Is my camera covered if I take it abroad?


Yes, most camera insurance policies include cover anywhere in the world for 90 days each year.

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