It is a form of trading on the foreign exchange market, with a spread as low as zero on the trades you make.

A zero spread does not necessarily mean no spread at all, but it will be close, for example 0.0002.

This type of trading is also known as commission forex, and can work in two different ways:

  • Make a trade and pay a commission charge with a zero spread

  • Make a trade and pay a commission charge and have a small spread

Standard forex trading does not charge commission, instead leaving the cost of your trade down to the difference in the spread.

How to find the best forex account

Look for the forex account that charges you the least amount to place your trade.

If you are only charged commission, you pay a fixed amount regardless of the amount you make in your trade.

Here are some differences to look out for between forex brokers:

  • Broker A charges commission only: for example 3 per trade. This means you start at a 3 loss, but if your trade grows by more than 3 you could make a profit.

  • Broker B charges commission and a spread: for example 1 and 1.5 pips. This means you start at a 1 loss, and the market price needs to move in your favour by more than 1.5 before you can make a profit.

  • Broker C charges a spread only: for example, 2.5 pips. This means the market price needs to move in your favour by more than 2.5 before you can start making a profit.

Use this comparison to check the commission charged per trade, and include the spread to find the cheapest forex platform.

Commission forex FAQs


Does a 0 spread forex account exist?


It would be rare to find if at all possible, with most commission forex accounts offering a spread marginally higher, for example 0.0003 pips.


Can I lose my money through commission forex?


Yes, you could lose all your deposited money if your trades lose. Only trade with money that you can afford to lose.


Is commission forex trading suitable for beginners?


No, start by practising on a forex broker's demo account before you trade with real money, otherwise you increase the chance of losing your money.


Why am I charged a commission to make a forex trade?


It covers the cost of administering your trade. You can compare compare the spreads of non-commission forex accounts here.

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