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It may not be one of the UK’s ‘big six’ energy suppliers, but Shell Energy is already one of the country’s largest independent gas and electric providers, and with its recent acquisition of Green Star Energy, now serves over one million customers. In March 2019, the company announced that it would be supplying all its domestic customers with 100% renewable electricity.

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In this guide you'll find information including:

  • About Shell Energy (formerly First Utility)

  • What Shell Energy tariffs are available?

  • Shell Energy’s Renewable Commitment 

  • What other services does Shell Energy provide? 

  • Can I get a Shell smart meter?

  • Shell Energy’s Shell Go+ Rewards Programme

  • How can I switch to Shell Gas and Electric? 

  • How can I contact Shell Energy customer service? 

  • Is Shell Energy a good option as an energy supplier?

About Shell Energy (formerly First Utility)

  • Acquired: 2018

  • Previously known as First Utility, founded in 2008

  • HQ: Coventry, Warwickshire

  • Total customers: 1,000,000 (including Green Star Energy)

  • UK ranking: 9

Shell Energy started out life as First Utility in 2008, and within five years had grown to become the then-largest challenger company outside the big six energy suppliers. In February 2018, Shell completed its buyout of the company, rebranding itself as Shell Energy. In 2019, the company broke the one-million customer mark when it purchased Green Star Energy’s domestic business, including its 200,000 residential customers.

What Shell Energy tariffs are available?

Shell Energy tariffs tend to be slightly more expensive than competitors of a similar size and with the same renewable approach.

Tariff nameFixed periodExit feesAdded extras
Go Further October 2021Until October 2021£50 per fuelCarbon credits for electricity and gas; Google Nest Hub; Shell Go+ rewards
Energy September 2022Until September 2022£50 per fuelGoogle Nest Hub and Google Nest Mini; Shell Go+ rewards; Broadband discount available
Energy August 2023Until August 2023£50 per fuelGoogle Nest Hub, Google Nest Mini, and Google Chromecast; Shell Go+ rewards; Broadband discount available
Energy October 2021 Charge and DriveUntil October 2021Yes, check with supplier for detailsExclusively for electric car drivers; SMETS2 smart meter required; Charge point offer (£449 including VAT); Free credit to cover 2,000 miles of charge per year
Flexible 4NoneNoneShell Go+ rewards; Broadband discount available

A standard variable tariff is also available to prepayment customers.

Under the flexible tariff, you will have an open-ended contract with no early exit fees, but tariff rates may rise or fall at any time. You will receive 30 working days’ notice ahead of any price change if you are on a Fully Flexible tariff. Prepayment customers can access Shell’s standard variable package.

Shell Energy’s Renewable Commitment 

All electricity supplied by Shell Energy is fully renewable, on any plan you choose. It was one of the first energy companies to offer this commitment across all its plans.

Shell’s electricity is generated sustainably from renewable sources like wind, solar, and biomass. All energy sources used by Shell Energy have been certified by Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGOs), which also ensures the electricity has been generated locally, in the UK.

While Shell’s electricity is 100% renewable, its gas is – like most energy companies – a mix of natural gases: 44% from UK production in the North Sea, 47% from pipelines in Europe, and the remainder from tankers around the world. Those on its Go Further tariff will be pleased to learn the plan includes carbon credits to ensure the carbon produced by your gas consumption is also offset.

Shell Energy has also implemented and contributed to several carbon offset programs that look to protect natural forest ecosystems. This includes ongoing work for the Cordillera Azul project in Peru and the Katingan Mentaya project in Indonesia, both of which not only help reduce global CO2 emissions, but also provide new employment opportunities for local communities. 

What other services does Shell Energy provide? 

Shell Energy’s offerings go beyond just gas and electric, with broadband and smart home technology services also available to customers. Shell Energy broadband offers a selection of fibre optic broadband packages available, with speeds ranging from 11 Mbps to 76 Mbps. 

As you’ll see from the table above, Shell is a technological innovator, and offers smart home technology systems with many of its tariffs. Aside from smart meters, this also includes offering Philips Hue Mini Starter Kits (B22), Google Nest Thermostat E, home charging ports for electric vehicles, and sonnenBatterie support for solar panel owners, all available as perks with selected Shell Energy tariffs.

Shell Energy has also partnered with AXA to offer 24/7 boiler care and home emergency protection plans. There are currently two plans available for boiler cover, and two plans available for home emergency cover. These all include annual repairs and maintenance checks, as well as cover for unexpected emergencies that may arise. 

Can I get a Shell smart meter?

Yes, Shell provides a latest-generation (SMETS2) smart meter for free as part of the government’s national rollout, and is keen for all customers to install them. Shell Energy smart meters track your usage and sends this information directly to the provider, doing away with traditional meters and meter readings. 

Not only does this save you time, it can also save you money. Because Shell Energy smart meters provide the most accurate usage stats, you can be sure that you’ll never be billed more than you should. 

Smart meters also give you complete access to your energy usage data, which you can view through an online portal from anywhere in the world. Giving you direct access to this information will help you to monitor your energy consumption and identify ways to conserve energy and in turn, lower your bills. 

While Shell Energy electricity smart meters are powered through an electrical outlet in your home, Shell Energy gas smart meters are battery-powered. These batteries are said to last over ten years, so you won’t need to worry too much about charging or replacing them.

Smart meters are available to all Shell Energy customers. Note that if you already have a smart meter in your home from a different provider, it may no longer operate with smart functionalities when you switch to Shell Energy. You can book an appointment with Shell for an engineer to install your smart meter for you, and installation generally takes less than an hour to complete. 

Shell Energy’s Shell Go+ Rewards Programme

Shell Energy has its own rewards programme, Shell Go+, which offers Shell Energy customers a 3% saving on fuel costs at any participating Shell petrol station (up to 60 litres a month) – just one of the many benefits of being a customer with Shell. Other benefits and perks available include discounts on food sold at Shell garages and discounts on Shell’s selection of automotive care products. 

You will automatically become a Shell Go+ member when you sign up for any Shell Energy tariff. 

How can I switch to Shell Gas and Electric? 

If, after comparing energy provider plans, you decide that you would like to switch, you can simply let Shell Energy know either online or over the phone. You’ll need to provide a few basic details, and then the switch can begin. Alternatively, our comparison tool can help you complete this switch in just a few clicks.

Should you choose to go with Shell Energy, you will be protected by the Energy Switch Guarantee. This means that Shell Energy will handle the entire transition on your behalf, so you won’t have to do any work, nor will you be tasked with notifying your current supplier. You will have a 14-day grace period from when you started the switching process, during which time you can cancel or adjust the switch free-of-charge. The switch will happen within 21 days of you signing up. 

Once the switch is complete, if you are not using a Shell Energy smart meter, you’ll be required to carry out a meter reading so that you can be correctly billed for your first month. 

How can I contact Shell Energy customer service? 

Shell Energy has a dedicated complaints page, as well as an online virtual assistant for more general queries. On the Complaints page you can find a contact form along with a link to raise your complaint through Resolver, an independent complaints service. You can also contact Shell Energy via social media on Facebook and Twitter, or call via phone at 0330 094 5800. You can also send mail to Shell Energy at the following address: 

Shell Energy Retail Limited

PO Box 6363



Is Shell Energy a good option as an energy supplier?

Shell Energy is fast emerging as a major player in the energy industry. With its commitment to providing green, sustainably sourced energy to customers across the UK, along with its participation in global ecological programmes, Shell Energy takes a trustworthy and ethical stance that sets it apart from many independent energy providers. In addition to its renewable energy, the company’s broadband plans, smart meter implementation, smart home technology and an attractive rewards programme help make Shell Energy an attractive choice for prospective switchers.

Last updated: 9 November 2020