One of the UK’s ‘big six’ energy suppliers, ScottishPower energy is acclaimed for its commitment to renewable energy, and in November 2019 claimed to be “the first integrated energy company in the UK to generate 100% green electricity”.
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In this guide:

  • ScottishPower company profile

  • What ScottishPower tariffs are available?

  • Are ScottishPower electricity rates fixed? 

  • What are ScottishPower reviews like?

  • Does ScottishPower offer renewable energy options? 

  • Are there ScottishPower deals for businesses? 

  • Can I get a ScottishPower energy smart meter?

  • What do I do once my ScottishPower smart meter is installed?

  • Does ScottishPower offer any additional services?

  • How can I switch to ScottishPower? 

  • What happens once I’ve switched to ScottishPower tariffs? 

  • How can I contact ScottishPower customer service?

ScottishPower company profile

  • Founded: 1990

  • Acquired: 2007 (Iderdrola Group)

  • HQ: Glasgow

  • Total customers (Feb 2020): 2,800,000 (electricity), 1,900,000 (gas)

  • UK ranking: 5

ScottishPower has been operating since 1990 and currently provides gas and/or electricity to around three million households in the UK. Its commitment to renewable energy goes all the way back to 1992 when it opened its first wind farm in Cornwall. It’s a major investor in renewables, and since 2019 has generated all its own electricity exclusively from renewable sources.

In October 2020, ScottishPower took on Tonik Energy’s 130,000 customers after the smaller company ceased trading.

Who is ScottishPower owned by?

Since 2007 ScottishPower has been part of the Iberdrola Group, the Spanish utility company that boasts the title of being the world’s biggest supplier of wind power.

What ScottishPower tariffs are available?

ScottishPower offers a wide range of tariffs. At time of writing (November 2020) it offered new and existing customers a selection of fixed-price tariffs that end on either 31 December 2021 or 31 December 2022 alongside variable plans. Key tariffs include:

Updated 27 November 2020
Tariff name Exit fees Tariff type Key features
Fix and Save/SaverNoneFixed 100% renewable electricity; smart meter installation required
Help Beat Cancer Fix and Save Online/Fixed SaverNoneFixed 100% renewable electricity; supports Cancer Research UK
Online Fix and Save/Fixed Saver £30 per fuelFixed 100% renewable electricity
Standard Variable/ Standard Variable OnlineNoneVariable No tariff end date
Super Saver £30 per fuelFixed 100% renewable electricity
SmartPower £30 per fuelFixed A range of dual-rate tariffs with different off-peak times (Day, Evening, Overnight, and Weekend) are available; existing customers only; 100% renewable electricity

Does ScottishPower offer any tariffs for electric vehicle owners?

Yes. The SmartPower Electric Vehicle tariff offers cheap electricity from midnight to 5AM GMT to encourage electric car owners to charge their vehicles overnight. The current tariff is fixed until September 2022 and comes with 100% green electricity and no exit fees. The company also offers a Smart EV Home Charger for those who need one.

Are ScottishPower electricity rates fixed? 

All ScottishPower plans are fixed rate except for the Standard Variable and Standard Variable Online tariffs. Many fixed-rate tariffs don’t charge exit fees, including the various ScottishPower charity plans, that have so far benefited Cancer Research UK to the tune of £30 million.

What are ScottishPower reviews like?

ScottishPower suffers from poor reviews, and was recently ranked last among the big six according to Which? Magazine. Areas of concern included poor customer service as well as a perception that it doesn’t reflect value for money. It scored best with regards to its complaints handling, regarded as ‘fair’.

Does ScottishPower offer renewable energy options? 

ScottishPower is the largest nationwide developer of onshore wind farms, generating more than 2,000MW per year from its 40 wind farms across the UK. As a result, ScottishPower is able to generate 100% of its renewable electricity directly from its own sources. To reinforce its green credentials, ScottishPower sold off the last of its fossil-fuel plants in November 2019.

All fixed-rate plans come with 100% renewable electricity, but its variable-rate plans only come with 21% renewable electricity. Looking at its overall fuel mix for 2019-20, the company generates half its overall energy from gas – compared to a UK average of 39% - but significantly less from nuclear (6% versus the UK average of 17%). Overall, renewables make up 36% of its fuel mix, 2% below the UK average. However, it’s commitment to building more windfarms should see these percentages shift dramatically in the coming years.

Are there ScottishPower deals for businesses? 

Again, ScottishPower offers a range of tariffs for small and large businesses. Its Business Fixed plan is a fixed-rate energy plan designed specifically for small businesses with options for fixing energy prices for 1-3 years. ScottishPower Business fixed plans come with exclusive access to expert advice and valuable resources designed to assist business owners with monitoring and mitigating the energy consumption and sustainability of their company, including an app to manage your account.

A business account with ScottishPower could appeal to those with an ecological outlook. Other ScottishPower business plans – including its one-year Standard Fixed tariff – don’t come with early exit fees, so you’ll be able to freely switch energy providers at any time. 

Can I get a ScottishPower energy smart meter?

ScottishPower began rolling out smart meters in 2019 in specific areas across the UK. While they’re not yet available everywhere, they are quickly emerging in more and more places, and the government is committed to ensuring smart meters will soon be available to every house in the UK with the deadline recently extended to June 2021 as a result of disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Smart meters are designed to help you monitor your energy consumption to keep your bills under control. Smart meters provide accurate, regular readings to enable you to assess your usage and identify areas where you can save – so while they won’t save you money directly, a smart meter can help you cut back on energy usage and thus reduce costs if used wisely. Smart meters also guarantee accurate billing, so you’re never paying more than you should be. 

If ScottishPower smart meters are available in your area, you should have received a letter offering you the service – but you can still register your interest ahead of time on the ScottishPower website. If you’ve registered interest, your household will be prioritised as soon as smart meters become available in your area.

What do I do once my ScottishPower smart meter is installed?

Once your smart meter is installed, it will connect automatically to ScottishPower, and you’ll be able to start monitoring your usage immediately. You won’t need to take any manual readings of your own, and you won’t receive any visits from ScottishPower representatives for meter readings – all this information is collected automatically and sent directly to ScottishPower. You can also keep track of it via the ScottishPower app. 

You’ll be able to decide how often your reading is sent to ScottishPower – as frequently as every half hour if you wish, or monthly if you prefer. Your data is collated and presented with useful graphs that you can access on the app, breaking down your usage so you can identify specific issues or patterns in your energy consumption. 

Does ScottishPower offer any additional services?

In addition to supplying gas and electric, ScottishPower offers the following additional services:

  • Kitchen appliance care

In collaboration with Domestic & General, these care plans offer annual maintenance checks and unlimited phone support for a range of kitchen appliances.

  • Electric vehicle charging

Using a smart charging device, ScottishPower EV charging can connect to an app and is available to any electric vehicle owner with off-street parking. These plans use 100% renewable energy and are available with peak and off-peak rates. 

  • Boiler insurance

Another collaboration with Domestic & General, ScottishPower offers boiler insurance plans that include breakdown coverage, but do not provide annual servicing. 

  • Plumbing, drainage, and electrical cover

In collaboration with AXA, ScottishPower offers various plans that can cover emergency repairs and callouts relating to any plumbing, draining or electrical issues. 

  • Smart thermostats

ScottishPower has teamed with Honeywell to offer smart thermostats that allow you to control your hot water and heating remotely via the ScottishPower app. Smart thermostats can detect low temperatures automatically and turn on heating to avoid frozen pipes.

How can I switch to ScottishPower? 

ScottishPower is committed to the Energy Switch Guarantee, which streamlines and simplifies the process of switching energy suppliers. The Energy Switch Guarantee requires your new energy supplier to handle the admin involved with the switch, and that the switch must occur within a 21-day window. You also get a 14-day cooling-off period, where you’ll be able to cancel or alter the switch without facing any fees. 

If you wish to make the switch, simply contact ScottishPower who will take care of everything – you don’t need to notify your current provider. However, be aware that if you are currently on a fixed contract, you could face early exit fees if you terminate your existing contract more than 49 days ahead of its end date.

What happens once I’ve switched to ScottishPower tariffs? 

After you switch to ScottishPower, you will be given an online account that you can use to manage your usage. Pay As You Go users can also set up prepayment meters using their account online. As mentioned, the switch will take place within 21 days from your initial sign-up date and will activate immediately. 

How can I contact ScottishPower customer service? 

ScottishPower customers can contact the supplier with any concerns, complaints or queries using an online forum. You’re also able to access live help through the ScottishPower app, or you can contact its helpline via phone, using the following details: 

ScottishPower Customer Service

Contact number: 0800 027 0072

Hours: 8.30am-7pm, Monday to Friday; 8.30am-1pm, Saturday

Last updated: 27 November 2020